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Updated March 25, 2017


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From here, we stay in touch with alumni, keep our records up-to-date and share information about events past, present and future. Feel free to look around.

You'll find newsletters going back to 2006 as well as hundreds of pictures from various events.

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Still NEW 2/28: Karaoke! The Combined class of '69 is holding one of the most popular events - again.

Karaoke Night is Friday, April 28th.

All the information is right here.

Hurry - first 15 sign-ups only.


NEW 3/21: RHS'69 alumni are on a staycation - cruising the islands. Pictures are coming in and they are being posted in the BLOG section (upper menu) or here. Check back often for updates.

Welcome to the Roosevelt High School Class of 1969 Reunion Committee web site, one of the most active high school reunion groups in Hawaii.

We sometimes partner with or invite other Honolulu high school 1969 reunion groups to co-sponsor or participate in RHS'69 events.