2017 was a very busy year

Everyone made it thru the year in great shape, except Harold Fujii had an ankle surgery, I had a knee replacement and John Takara had a hip replaced. We got no mercy and we had to keep up with the pack - in the back.

And that is my report to all of you on what we did on the 12 months of 2017!

In January I will give you a sneak peek for what's coming in 2018. For you classmates that have not, come to our monthly meetings. I know you will love the food.

On our website, we now have a calendar showing the Mondays we meet. Just let us know when you want to attend...and maybe join us on one of our Senior Fitness Programs...they're  a BLAST for the PAST.

All of us wish you the very best for this holiday season and good fortune, health and friendship in the new year.


By now we all know that as each year goes by time moves faster. The truth is we are older and moving slower. Not the Class of 69!  2017 has been the most productive year for us.

Back in 1999, at our 30th Class Reunion, I told all our classmates that instead of doing a class activity every 5th year, the committee will do a class event every other year. Then in 2004 at our 35th Class Reunion we said every year we would organize something for our classmates. Something happened by 2009 as it was time for our 40th . We went nuts and each year there after we were doing more events than the previous year.

I thought 2016 was a bumper crop year of events that, at our age, could not handle any more. I was wrong.

Here are the 12 past months of the Class of '69:

January - We lost our clubhouse.

Dwayne Nasu sold his property and we now have our monthly meetings at Manoa Library. Enclosed parking for all and doubled the meeting area. For 14 years from my office to 9 years at Dwayn's and now Manoa Library, we are moving UP! Wes Mukawa and Bev Lum still prepares dinner for us at $10.00 eat all you like.

February - Everyone was so busy in December and January, we had a late Christmas Party at Ala Moana Hotel Royal Garden. Thirty-four of us enjoyed all nine courses. Lani Harrington and Dwayne Nasu were awarded outstanding classmate for going above and beyond.

April - Karaoke Revisited. Last year's karaoke was such a success that Harold Fujii and Robin Yafuso did a repeat. I heard there will be a three repeat in 2018.

May - Joann Chikuma (KHS'69) organized 63 of us to the "Love to Dance" at the Manoa Grand Ballroom. I now call our dances "Senior Fitness Program".

And, Bobby Imoto (KHS'69) got a bunch of us to participate in the Charity Walk thru Waikiki. It was more like eat your way thru Waikiki.

June - We invited Martha Khoplin to speak to us on Social Security, since we all now qualify. Grab our money now or later was the question!?

Another Combined Class of '69 of twenty-five toured the Doris Duke Estate, called Shagri-La. Lisa Chang was going uh-ah throughout the tour.

July - 18 of us went to Gorden Bierch to dance to the King Pins. Always great to go back to the Oldies.

August - our classmate Eric Yamagata lectured us on Trust & Wills. If you did not do it see Eric. That was followed by another senior fitness program for 61 of us at Manoa Grand Ballroom, called Cruzin' Classic.

September - went to Shingo Shu Hawaii Temple to hear classmate Shakuhachi Master Riley Lee perform. Lead by Joann Oshima. It was really hot that night so the temple handed out fans. It didn't help but Riley was great!

October - Guest speaker Ken Arima talked about Emergency Preparedness. He opened our eyes, and no one fell asleep! Priority one ...buy a gun!

Then 40 of us from the Combined Class of '69 went on the two week BCT Autumn Hokkaido and Tohoku Tour. Here's what we did - we got into Sapporo and ate, then to Otaru and ate.

Then to Shiraoi to eat then to Hakoate eat some more then bullet train to Sendai on the way we bought bentos to make sure no one went hungry then on to Matsushima to shop for knives (?!) and eat more street foods.

Then to Kinugawa Onsen to melt away some body fat and just in time to get dress for a beautiful Japanese feast. Next day off to Tsukiji Market for more eats and then race around Tokyo in the Mari Cars. Next day back to shopping for Omiyage snack foods. This way we will not run out of Japanese food when we get back home.

If too fast go to our blog on Tomodachi Tour. Chris Imoto and Bobby Chinen, both MHS'69, did a hell of a job putting this tour together. We all can hardly wait for the next tour!

November - We all gain so many pounds in Japan that we had two Senior Fitness Program events scheduled in November: the Battle of the Bands and the Magic Mushroom Dance. Did not loose the 7 pounds but we had a blast. Disco Queen Joann Chikuma organized both dances for us.

December -Dayle Hoopai made special arrangements at the new Umamiya Shabu Shabu Restaurant on Nimitz. 42 attended...more eats and still have not lost the 7 pounds!

Friday, December 22, 2017

March - 18 of us from the Combined Class of '69 went on the KSSK Inter-Island Cruise with Michael W. Perry, Karen K and Sweetie P. We did all the tourist stuff and then some. For the young at heart lead by Harold Fujii, Nellis Kunieda, Donna Miller, Wes Mukawa, Joann Chikuma, Arthur and Josie Akana, Robin Yafuso, Bobby and Chris Imoto (KHS & MHS'69) all stay up well pass 1:00 am to close the cruise ship...every night! The rest of us wanted to make sure we made it thru the weeklong cruise...we not lolo.

The older we get, the more we do.

As RHS'69 Reunion Committee chair Vincent Yim explains, 2017 set a record for reunion events. No month escaped the calendar of something to visit, to eat at, to travel to, or boogie the night away.