Another Late Christmas Party

Monday, February 5, 2018

The RHS'69 Reunion Committee again held it's annual Christmas Party, late again this year.

Josie Akana is the wife of RHS'69 alum Art Akana, a founding member of the Reunion Committee.

She talks about going "over the hill".

After Vincent (our fearless leader) gave a few housekeeping announcements and committee updates and Harold's most heartfelt invocation, it was time to eat!  

Committee members do that very well! Island style buffet is always the best. Assorted salads, sushi and fruits, noodles, gau ghee, roast brisket, sweet/sour spareribs, fried chicken, baked salmon, kalua pig and lomi salmon nachos to name a few.

And lots of sweet treats like Alan's famous apple pie and good cheer beverages on hand to boot!

Thanks to our ever talented events gal, Dayle, we enjoyed the best ice breaker game ever (essentially a fill in the blank bingo game).

Then we were treated to the grab a gift table of awesome island event memorabilia donated by a secret angel.

And for those that remembered to bring a grab bag gift, there was the "night before Christmas" game (passing gifts back/forth at key words as story is read).  Tears of laughter everywhere!


Some say as we get older we gain wisdom. I don't know if that's true, but I do know as we grow older we learn to slow down and appreciate the things we rushed past in our younger years.

The mad dash for success, raising children, establishing a life gives way to savoring other important things.

As with all our treks to the windward side via Pali tunnel, there's a sense of calm when exiting the Pali tunnel. When leaving the hustle of Honolulu, the view of the Koolaus, Kaneohe and Kailua never disappoint.

But this early eve drive was extra special - the RHS'69 and friends holiday party was finally here!

Once arriving at the Nasu's we could hear the live band playing beautiful island music; the chatter & laughter of familiar voices filled the air.  The island breeze sent the aroma of delectable tummy treats everywhere.

Steph carefully sets out her handmade favors & bamboo flower vases for post party sharing.  

The gang's all here, exchanging hauoli makahiki hou greetings & hugs between new acquaintance & familiar faces alike.  


Sadly, the live sound of island tunes ended promptly at 10 pm but the party moved into the living room for those that wanted to sing and still managed to keep their eyes open.

Yes, it was time for Keith and his karaoke magic. There's the oldie favs belted out by everyone that are top shelf but it's the serenading solos that undeniably swoon the heart!  Thank you husband Art!    

It eventually happens - we find ourselves way past all our bed time and all good things must come to an end.

To our host/hostess Duane & Jan, we bid a sweet aloha; a hui hou to all.

On the drive home, we reflect on the evening and know that it was greater than any anticipation imagined. How absolutely blessed to be surrounded by endeared friends!

It may be nearly 50 years since the class of '69 first crossed paths but tonight it felt like 50 seconds instead; the fellowship shared is by far NO KA OI!  

From Art and me, a belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!