2019 Visitor Industry Charity Walk

The walk this year raised $2.5 million for Hawaii charities. This doesn't come close to showing all the great food and fun. Keep an eye on the website and look for the announcement for next year's charity walk. It's a great cause and so much fun.

And don't forget our 50th Reunion on August 24th. People are signing up to come from all over the world - be one of them.

We want to see you!

It's been a long time and it might be the last time to see your classmates.

Go here and check it out and download the sign up form.

We really hope you can make it.

Time for the annual gastronomical event better known as the Visitor Industry Charity Walk.

Stroll from one end of Waikiki to the other with a whole bunch of stops for food. All for a good cause.

Thousands participate every year and RHS'69 gets involved with the team put together by Bobby Imoto (Kalani'69), sponsored by the Kyo-ya group at the Moana Surfrider. The team was Bobby,  and from RHS: JoAnn Oshima, Dana Kobashigawa, Cheryl Osumi, Vincent Yim, Donna Miller and me! Donna's niece and her her friend came along.

It's simple: make or join a team, get some pledges and get up early Saturday morning. Start at Ala Moana Park, pass through Waikiki to Kapahulu at Kuhio Beach near the zoo. Turn around and come back.

Along the way hotels and restaurants man booths where some yummy food is handed out...for free! Grab something and munch your way to the next one. Lots of entertainment to see along the way.

Walk, eat, walk to the next one. Eat, walk to the next one. Repeat.

Waiting at an Ala Moana Park bus stop for things to start.

They're hungry.

First food has been sighted and, as usual, Dayle Ho`opai  is first in line.

Let's start with the food...

There's lots more food but we need to move on.

"Ha'i Mo'olelo" - The Storyteller - is meant to depict telling stories is part of Hawaii's history and future, and how our traditions and cultures are interlinked. She foretells the creative possibilities of our future. It apparently is also a good place to rest.

Back to Ala Moana Park. Time for lunch! And some rest.

Skipping ahead a whole lot because we're out of room...

Once a year thousands of people descend on Waikiki for the annual Charity Walk. It's a bit more complcated than walking. You're eating to one end of Waikiki and back.

Dayle Ho`opai who makes sure she never misses this event takes it from here.