Fall Canadian Cruise - Day 1

Quebec City

Never saw Fall anywhere until last year in Japan.  We must have taken a bunch of beautiful photos.  Everyone said Fall in New England is spectacular.  

So, for the next 12 days we''ll be on the Norwegian Gem cruising the coastline of Canada and New England.  We will visit the several small fishing ports and of course try all their local food. Sail around Maine, then to Boston and end up in New York City.

This will be the third time back to Quebec, but it is the first time for the start of the Fall Season.  We rarely traveled in October because we had to live in Kona and set up the Ironman World Triathlon, for 31 years.  

Trouble Ahead...

The always on time airline was not.  Today when we showed up to check in, the entire Hawaiian Air check-in area was packed with thousands of travelers.  The lines were coming out to the curb side.  

The conveyer belt to move the baggage to the planes broke.  Our flight was delayed waiting for our bags to reach the planes.  We missed our connecting flight, by a few minutes, at JFK International.  We book another flight 3 hours later to Montreal.  I called NCL to let them know we will also miss the transfer bus to Quebec.  

Getting to Quebec City is an adventure.  We flew into JFK, New York and transfer on another flight to Montreal.  Then get on a bus for 3 and a half hours to Quebec, 169 miles.  Part of enjoying the Canadian countryside.  In Hawaii,  our tour buses drive around the island and thru the North Shore.  So why don't we...

In NYC, for 4 days, we will stay in the middle of Hell's Kitchen near all the theaters.  We already have Broadway tickets for Kinky Boots and Carol King, walking distance from our hotel.  

We are traveling with our friends from Kauai, Dennis and Alicia Matsumoto.  They have never been to Montreal or Quebec, never been on a Cruise and never been to New York City.  I will play Tour Director and show them the other side of the World.  The first 12 days, on the cruise, I will teach them to be like a contented cow and just follow the herd.  Once in New York I will transform them into galloping horses and see as much of NYC as they can.  At the same time, we need to lose some weight from all that grazing on the cruise.  They will look forward going back home and take a vacation!

Never have all your cash in one purse or wallet.

Always have one credit card separated from the rest. Have another form of identification in another area.

When traveling I always have two wallets.  I carry only enough cash for the day with two credit cards, my driver's license and/or passport. The other wallet is back in my hotel room, in the safe.

What happens when you lose your only wallet, all your cash and all your credit cards.  Do you think the police can help after you give them the report?  How are going to pay your hotel bill, transportation to the airport to go back home. The Airline will now charge you extra to change your flight to leave earlier.

Never have all your eggs in one basket.

Day 2 - Heading out to sea...

More tips each day...

We boarded our ship around 6:30 pm tonight - 16 hours to get here.  Just in time for dinner. I hear dessert and bed calling.

The adventure has started.

With time on our hands we decided to explore Quebec City. Lots of restaurants.

Wendy, who spent time during the Tomodachi Tour in Japan last year finding manhole covers - now is finding cannon balls in trees.

She's an amazing lady.

This is not easy to explain. That's a honey comb. Scrape and eat.

Day 1 - Quebec City, Canada

Autumn is arriving and on the mainland that means the leaves are starting to change color.

What better time for a cruise to check it out.

RHS'69 Reunion chair Vincent Yim and his wife Wendy are off cruising eastern Canada and U.S. to watch the leaves turn for Autumn.