Fall Canadian Cruise - Day 2

Off La Baie (Saguenay River)

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Day 2 - Headed to Sea from La Baie

When I start packing, I like to start with my tops and generally I will have 4 color group.  Black/Grey, Yellow/ Brown, Blue/ Green and then Flashy or Bright.

White is not a color to travel with. It shows the dirt and is good for one wear. If you can try to stay with only three or even down to two color groups. Your volume and matching will greatly improve, less load and ease of mix and match.  

For the last 15 years the garment industry has come out with Dri Fit fabric with broader selections of active and casual wears.  Dri Fit repels moisture and will minimize bacterial growth, there so there is no B.O. smell. I will wear each a minimum 2 times or more.  

If it needs a cleaning, I will shower with it on and wash it just like it is my own skin.  Do not use bar soap, it leaves a scum stain.  Use body wash jell.  Hang it in the shower over night and sometime after dinner it will dry and ready to wear.

My 7 T-shirts will be the most used as casual wear and under garments if it is chilly. They are easy to wash and wear, all are Dri-Fit.  3 of my 4 pullovers are Dri-fit, the rust orange pullover is cotton and will keep me warm. The 4 sweaters are for evening wear. Almost anywhere on board the cruise ship they keep the temperature on the chilly side.

Of the 7 pants, 3 are Dri-fit and like the tops, easy to wash and wear. All the pants will see duty a minimum of 3 times. I will have a pair of jeans to wear on the plane, going and return.  Wendy has been stocking up more Dri-fit wears too.

Packing Clothes

Today the ship sets sail from La Baie down the Saguenay River to the open sea.

It's a full day of sailing as we head for Charlottetown, Nova Scotia.

We made a quick pit stop at the city of Saguenay, located on the river.

Saguenay is a community of fjords.

It is a farming and aluminum mining community. Every house has perfectly manicured lawns. No graffiti, no trash, no junks, no derelict cars sitting in the yards. A story book setting.

It is 45-degrees today. Yikes.

There's a hint of the leaves starting to change color.

Day 2 - Visiting Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island...

Things look fuzzy because that's how things looked by then.

After our fill we mosey on over to the Stardust Theater to watch Jeri Sager. She is a veteran of Broadway having performed in Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserable, All That Jazz and Kats to name a few. What a beautiful voice.

Then to the Maltings Beer and Whiskey Bar...and from there I cannot remember what happened.

Selfie at Midnight as we closed the night club by dancing til we dropped.

The nice part about cruising, you are never more than 40 yards away from your cabin...and never get a DUI!

Last night we dined at Cagney's Steakhouse.  We minimize lunch just to make sure we could down all that Cagney's had to dish-out.

Now we do the Facebook thing and show pictures of our dinner:

I started with jumbo shrimp cocktail, while Wendy had the Oyster Rockefeller.  Then it was the Beef tomato salad and Caesar salad.  Wendy's main course was the Lamb chops and I always have the Porterhouse Steak!

Not to mention, we had to wash it down with a Martini and a glass of wine.

Autumn is arriving and on the mainland that means the leaves are starting to change color.

What better time for a cruise to check it out.

RHS'69 Reunion chair Vincent Yim and his wife Wendy are off cruising eastern Canada and U.S. to watch the leaves turn for Autumn.