Fall Canadian Cruise - Some

Thoughts on the Ship

How about a 6-day West Coast cruise with your RHS'69 classmates and friends?

Check it out here.

Autumn is arriving and on the mainland that means the leaves are starting to change color.

What better time for a cruise to check it out.

RHS'69 Reunion chair Vincent Yim and his wife Wendy are off cruising eastern Canada and U.S. to watch the leaves turn for Autumn.

The Bliss is a brand-new ship, commissioned in January 2018.

This past May, Wendy and I wanted to go through the Panama Canal...the new section, that opened about 3 years ago.

Final Thoughts on the Norwegian Bliss

The Bliss is 16 decks high and can handle 4,200 passengers. You have a choice of 24 restaurants, 7-night clubs, 4 swimming pools, 3 water slides, a full-size double deck Go Cart Racing Track and a huge reserve seating theater, for nightly entertainment.

They have 3 main dining rooms, over 7 theme restaurants and the buffet with 16 stations of different ethnic foods. Most other cruise ships have only 4 stations.

At no time do you see a crowd of more than a few hundred because the designed layout and scheduling has everyone balanced throughout the ship.

It is like a floating Las Vegas, but everything is never more than 40 yards away.  

To insure that we would go through the new section, we had to go on a larger ship like the Bliss.

Years ago, I vowed to never cruise on a ship with more than 2,200 passengers.

I stewed over it for a week because I do not like to fight the crowds when I am on vacation.

Well, we decided to take the Bliss and for 18 days we sailed from Miami to Los Angles through the Panama, just to check it off our bucket list.

It turned out to be a nice surprise.

On every floor by the elevators there are 2 x 3 foot touch screen monitors. If you are lost, touch the screen and a directory appears; you want to eat, touch restaurant and you choose which one. Stick your cabin key card into the slot and make your reservation with how many and at what time.

You are set and no standing in line. Same with entertainment: pick the show and what day and time, 7:00 pm or the 9:00 pm show...reserve seating.  No rush and no fighting the crowd.  Wonderful!

And here's the surprise...the Norwegian Bliss is the ship the RHS Class of '69 is taking for the West Coast cruise next September from Vancouver to Los Angeles! What a great surprise and my classmates are going to love it! Join us by checking the cruise out here.

Wendy and I are looking forward to boarding the Bliss again because we could not do all that the ship has to offer.

Bon Voyage and follow me!