Sing like no one is listening

When the Combined Class of '69 - RHS, Kaimuki, Kalani and McKinley - get together, epic becomes the end result.

And it was another epic evening with friends, 62 alum from the four schools determined to eat, talk story, dance and sing their hearts out! Ono food from Ige's with delicious specialties donated by several classmates. Water was provided and anything else they had to sneak it in.

When you bring 60-plus people together from four rival high schools, anything can happen. In this case, they sang their hearts out.

Robin Yafuso (RHS'69) explains...

People in Hawaii love to sing, whether they can or not. Nobody cares - just be loud and proud. As the night progressed, the singing got better (or we got used to it), the laughter got louder and it was wonderful to see all the smiling faces connecting with old friends and making new ones!

There were solos, duets, and lots of group singing. It didn't matter what school they were representing. In fact, as soon as Harold Fujii (RHS'69) asked if we wanted to have a school challenge, he was immediately boo'd and he quickly got the message we didn't want to challenge each other and found it more fun to sing together.

However, as tradition would have it, the boys did challenge the girls to a sing off, for bragging rights! The guys sang "After The Lovin'" by Engelbert Humperdinck and the gals sang "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" by The Shirelles. The gals sang with a bit more passion and sass and if you ask us ladies, we thought we won. But I don't remember anyone being declared the winner, so we'll take it.

Check the video and decide for yourself.

After singing, Harold would lead the clapping and cheering. He kept the party going and was a great MC as usual. Thank you to Lorene for agreeing to bring Harold and for being the trooper after having surgery on his ankle just 4 days earlier. Harold probably has never missed a reunion function unless he was captaining a plane somewhere.

As you saw in the video, many gals and a few brave guys got up to dance the "Electric Slide".  It was a blast to see so many alum still can move when it counts! Not bad for 65-66 year olds!

Thank you to Bobby Comeau for saving the night as he pulled some strings and took care of charges to keep the party alive for an extra 30 minutes for everyone to enjoy! Hip Hip Hurray for Bobby!

Thank you to everyone who joined us. It was gratifying to see the four schools get together again to have fun and enjoy each others company for a 2nd Karaoke evening together.

Keep an eye in the website for more '69 reunion events coming up!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Big Thank You to the Karaoke committee members who worked so hard to be sure everyone had an wonderful time!

Harold Fujii - RHS - chair

Robin Yafuso - RHS

Joanne Chikuma - Kalani

Chris Imoto - MHS

Dani Emoto - Kaimuki

Keith Kurahashi - MHS

Bobby Imoto - Kalani

Photos - mostly by Bobby Imoto (Kalani '69)

Video - Lani Harrington/Robin Yafuso (RHS '69)

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