Tomodachi Tour III

October 24 - November 6, 2017

This is the third tour to Japan by some members of the Combined Class of '69.

Thirty-nine alum of RHS'69, Kalani'69 and McKinley'69 are taking in Northern Japan this time.

RHS'69 Reunion Committee chair Vincent Yim is your tour reporter...

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Since Japan is a day ahead of us, it's Halloween there.

Before anything is done, it's time for breakfast.

Everyone is packed up, fed and ready to leave for Edomura and Kinugawa.

On the road from Matsushima to Endomura. There is something we learned- they sing on the tourist buses.

It's usually the hostess and sometimes some of the tourists join in. Get on a tourist bus and the hostess is likely to fire up the karaoke machine and bust out in some American oldie (depending on the audience).

There's been a lot of video taken on the buses but we've hesitated to use them because usually the singing is not very good. Like this one. Judge for yourself.

And the crowd shows its...appreciation.

A stop is made at a convenience place for a quick lunch.

You order and Pay at this vending machine. The ticket and change comes out, give your ticket to the vendor and they give you a beeper to let you know when itís ready. So fast!

Be honest - you've always wondered what the public toilets look like in Japan. Here you are and now you know!

We're at Edo Wonderland in Nikko Edomura. This park is to experience the living history and culture of the Edo period of Japan.

Elegant oiran courtesans parade through the streets of Edo with their full entourage.

Their unique footwork and elegant poise is unique, as is the ability to walk on very tall slippers.

Long bus rides today to and from Edo. A final stop for some shopping before the hotel and dinner.

Another typical long evening but the good times continued to roll.

First - dinner...

Then the by-now world famous Pupule Witch conest. No word on who won.

Chris Imoto (McKinley '69) had bought some blank postcards and watercolors. Everybody got to work making homemade postcards to send back home. Remember snail mail?

The critics gather...

Midnight arrives and Day 7 finally comes to a close.  Everyone wanders to their room to get some sleep before the sun comes up again and off they go.

October 31 - Day 7

Matsushima - Edomura - Kinugawa

It begins with another bus ride to Edomura, a theme park where the culture and life of the Edo period (1603 to 1868) is given life. Those adventurous enough can rent a costrume and be a ninja, samurai, princess or even a lord. Then it's off to Kinugawa for some free time (shopping) and settle in for the night.