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xxxxxxx, September xx, 2020



Imagine...nine people packed in a smallish rented motor home for 10-days and 17-hundred miles.

Restless kids, crying babies and one dog that wanted to inspect every fire hydrant along the way.

What could possibly go wrong.

Randy and Janie (de Neeve) Chang take it from here.

Janie and Randy are RHS'69 classmates that became married-mates. They live in Vancouver, Washington and have a large, spread-out fanily.

It was time to see them. So the infamous COVOD-19 safe trip began - locked up in a rental motor home for safety.

You may think, looking at that picture above that it's not so bad. You'd be wrong...there's lots of other stuff in there too.

Here it is with 5 people.

Add 4 more and don't forget Chevy the dog.  Now thing's are packed.

Think lockdown craziness and multiply it by a bunch.

All the way from Vancouver to Bakersfield.


This what it can do to you.