Water Fountains Part Deux

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

If you don't have water coolers or fountains, you don't have anything.

So goes the old business rule.

After all, where is everyone supposed hang out instead of working?

The same holds true for schools. Most of the juicy talk is in front of the lockers, but the water fountain fulfills an important function as a prime spill over area.

About 2 and a half years ago our donations committee - JoAnn Oshima, Dana Kobashigawa, Bev Lum and I - got to work.  RHS'69 raised a little over $5,500 for the school to use where needed. Where needed was water fountains. Check the back story here.

But that got hammered by COVID shutting things down and progress was s-l-o-w.

Good news as I just got an update from RHS Principal Sean Wong.

Things are 60-percent almost done. Wong says RHS has the five donated fountains for four locations. Two in Building A, one for JROTC,. The ones for the shop building and G Building are waiting to be done.

The DOE's facilities maintenance is running behind because it needs to run an electrical line to power the water fountains as well as a drain line.

Something you could do in an hour but that's how swamped the state is.

At one point the wood and metal shop at the school was going to make a plaque for each water fountain noting the fountains were donated by the RHS Class of ‘69.  

But then, their laser cutting machine is giving them problems. So I offered for the Class of '69 to make the plaque for each water fountain and they said, "ok". That is gonna be fun.

The students got water and I have another project.

Life goes on.

The last 2 years with COVID has messed up a lot of stuff. One example are the water fountains RHS'69 raised money for RHS to purchase. Then they shut the schools. Things are looking better and the DOE is lumbering to life.

As Harold Fujii explains - they are almost all ready to go.