Roosevelt High School, Honolulu, HI

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Some of our best friends:

The RHS'69 50th Reuion is this coming weekend.

If you haven't signed up yet, shame on you. You're going to sit home on your couch, eating over-salted chips and channel surfing crummy reality cable shows while several hundred of your classmates will be having a great time.

You're out of time...almost. You can still send an email here and announce you are coming and pay at the door. This is your last chance. Grab it and don't let life pass you by some more.

We want to see you but that's not going to happen if you don't come.

Get your reservation in now!

Click here and get signed up.

Check out what we have so far here.

You must have a few old pictures of yourself somewhere.

How about a few to share with everyone, just for fun.

Click on "Upload Picture".

Please include a short who, what, when and where so people can enjoy it more.

This is so much better than having it hang in the post office.

Here it is - The RHS'69 cookbook! Hot off the press and your first chance to see one, touch one and buy one is at the 50th reunion.

Just another great reason to be there.

Want more information and a sample?

Click here.

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Aloha and welcome to the Roosevelt High School Class of 1969 Reunion Committee web site, one of the most active high school reunion groups in Hawaii.