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Helping Where We Can

Sponsored by the Roosevelt, Kaimuki,

Kalani and McKinley Class of '69

During WWII women were in the factories, ferrying airplanes and sometimes near the front lines.

Back home, those that could not serve found a way to do it anyway. Shortages were everywhere and food was rationed. Troops sometimes did without and the woman of America responded. They sewed items for the military at home. They knitted sweaters and socks and hats and mittens to help the soldiers stay warm in the winters of Europe.

There's some comparison to the coronavirus "war" of today. Although vastly different, the need for help is real and women today are responding.

The first 15 masks from JoAnn Oshima. More coming...

The mask shortage is hurting everyone and the 75-cent medical face mask is extremely hard to find and what little is available for hospitals to order can now cost $10 each...and higher.

Donna Miller, a former ER nurse, getting to work.

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Rhonda Nishimura, who came up with the idea and organized everyone, keeps cranking them out...

And here are more.

Lani Harrington has dogs...so the hospitals get doggie masks.


Individuals and groups are sewing masks for medical personnel. Often constructed simply of materials like cotton fabric and elastic, DIY face masks are all over the internet right now.

RHS'69 is trying to help and sew and deliver masks to several hospitals looking for donations.

There are not medical grade and will not block bacteria and viruses. But they can be used by some personnel in certain environments and they can also be worn over the valuable N95 masks to help keep them clean and last longer.

Every little bit helps.