Medicare Scam

Medicare will be sending out new cards starting next month and the scammers are already hard at work.

The scam is somebody calling you to say they are from Medicare. The pitch is you'll need a temporary card until the new one arrives.

No you don't.


Medicare doesn't call people.

There is no temporary card needed.

Don't give anyone personal or financial information over the phone.

Stay safe. Be happy.

The scammers will want to charge between $5 and $50 and ask for personal information so they can process it. Don't do it.

There is no temporary card.

Keep this in mind - Medicare does its work by mail and will never call you unless invited.

The new card drops your social security number are replaces it with something else. That's to help prevent fraud.

People in Hawaii will receive their new cards between April and June of this year. There is nothing you need to do.

Open the mail, get the card, rip up the old one.

That's it.