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Geesh, do we miss Japan. The Tomodachi Tour is one of the most popular events by RHS'69. Ten to fourteen days in Japan - shopping, traveling, eating, laughing and a bit of sleeping.

The COVID Pandemic had cancelled it twice but we're a "go" for 2023...so far.

Meanwhile - check this to see what we're all missing and maybe join us when it happens again in March.

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As RHS'69 Reunion Committee chair Vincent Yim says, that

light means things are lookin'

up after the last couple of

years. We made it because

of our friends and it's

going to be a great

Christmas. Click here.

12/20: As the old story goes, some friends were walking through a long, narrow and dark tunnel.

One said, "I think I see a light at the end of the tunnel."

Another replied, "Let's hope it's

not a train".

1/15: As we slide slowly into a new year, people are beginning to turn their attention to the next major event on the


                      With tongue firmly in

                            cheek, RHS'69

                           webmaster Courtney

                          Harrington explains

                        how Valentines Day

                    came to be...sort of.

                     It's all right here.

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