Updated Juky 21,  2021

You must have a few old pictures of yourself somewhere. How about a few to share with everyone, just for fun?

                    One of the best cookbooks

                available for your library. Really

             Great Recipes, produced by the RHS

         Class of '69, features the recipes local

     families share while the ohana is gathered

  for weekend dinners.

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Over a hundred great meals, side dishes, salads and desserts of contemporary and old-time Hawaii you won't find elsewhere.

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If you don't think a mask is important, you are rolling the dice with your life and others. You can have the virus and not show symptoms. You infect someone and they'll go on to infect someone else. Eventually one of those could die because you didn't think it was necessary.

You really want to go there?

Wear a mask when outside and stay 6-feet away from others. Please.

While a mask helps you - a bit - it more helps those around you.

A non-medical mask will not completely block the COVID-19 virus. But it will block the large droplets from someone's mouth when they are talking or coughing near you.

More importantly they block your coughs and droplets getting into their face. Wear a mask and you look out for others.

Roosevelt High School, Honolulu, Hawaii

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Celebrating more than 30-years of serving RHS'69 grads

- On line since 2009 -


2021 is the Year of the Ox. The RHS'69 web staff knocked themselves out for the 3rd year in presenting an extravaganza of information.

And it comes with a movie! Grab some popcorn and check out the world's oldest and largest celebration here.

The RHS'69 Reunion Committee is looking forward to possible events toward the end of the year.

7-21: Individuals fully vaccinated in the United States or its Territories may

enter Hawaiʻi without pre-travel testing/quarantine from the 15th day after the completion of their vaccination. The vaccination record document must be uploaded

onto Safe Travels and printed out prior to departure and the traveler must have a hard copy in hand when arriving in Hawaiʻi. The State of Hawai‘i will also accept vaccine records that are digitally validated by Digital Health Pass Partners (CLEAR and CommonPass).

When Hawaii reaches the goal of 70% vaccinated statewide, all travel restrictions will be lifted. Things change - check before you come! Click here.

        Nothing is guaranteed but with the

      widespread vaccines now available

     we may see things improve a lot.

     The next couple of months should

     give a clearer picture on when

     "normal" will happen again.

Meanwhile, stay safe, stay distanced and keep those masks on - vaccine or not. That's what made Hawaii one of the safest states and that will keep us there. Maybe some other parts of the country will look at us and see what works.

Until then, we'll keep looking at things we might be able to do together before too long.

Keep an eye here.

See all the photos from major RHS'69 events going back to 2004. Most were never posted on the website due to space constraints.

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Gee, do we miss Japan. The Tomodachi Tour is one of the most popular events by RHS'69. Ten to fourteen days in Japan -shopping, traveling, eating, laughing and a bit of sleeping.

The COVID Pandemic has cancelled it twice and we're waiting to see what the end of this year will bring.

Meanwhile - check this to see what we're all missing.

Aloha and welcome to the Roosevelt High School Class of 1969 Reunion Committee website. We're one of the most active high school reunion groups in Hawaii. Maybe anywhere.