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Updated January 18, 2020

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           One of the best cookbooks available for

       your library. Really Great Recipes,

  produced by the  RHS Class of 69, features the recipes families share while the ohana is gathered for weekend dinners.

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12/15: Reunion Committee chair Vincent Yim wraps up 2019 and starts looking toward 2010.

12/2: Hawaii people seem to have two choices for vacation - Las Vegas and Alaska. Vegas to give money and Alaska to take fish. Read about John Takara's lastest salmon adventure.

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NEW 1/3: Let's start off the new year with a new blog, shall we? Since we're on the subject of blogs, let's look back on all the blogs we had in 2019. There were a bunch and they were interesting stuff. Stroll down memory lane here.

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It's Hawaii style recipes with foods from all over the world prepared in the unique style of our islands. These are the classic recipes you have looked for but never could find because they were usually only shared between friends and families. Over a hundred great meals, side dishes, salads and desserts of contemporary and old-time Hawaii that you won't find elsewhere.

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By the way, it's the Year of the Rat.

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Chinese New Year falls on January 25th

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