The RHS'69 Cookbook

The RHS'69 Reunion Committee is doing a cookbook because we all love to eat.

Not just any cookbook and not just like the one's you see from some groups.

This is Hawaii-kine eats. Recipes from our days now and past, all with a Hawaii slant and heart.

The great dishes you find only in Hawaii. The ones that tutu, auntie or you make when the extended ohana gather on a Saturday.

We've given ourselves a year to put it together so it's done right. But we have to start now and your recipe is what will make it work.

The money from the cookbook will go toward the many events that the RHS'69 Reunion Committee sponsors throughout the year for the alumni.

It'll cover it all - pupus, salads, side dishes, main dishes and desserts.

We need you to make it great.

We're going to invest a lot of time and effort on making a cookbook that has great recipes and looks great too - but all that means nothing without your great recipes.

Look into that kitchen drawer for one of those scraps of paper with a recipe scribbled on it that deserves an honored place bringing great Hawaii food to others.

There are some important guidelines that need to be followed for consistency and especially the final photo of your masterpiece, so please

download it here and keep it handy through the process. When you're ready, email everything the address below. Please, not by text message or anything besides the email address.

Please do not send it to anyone else as it needs to be accepted and tracked properly.

Thank you as we present the best Hawaii has to offer!

Make sure the recipe name or your name is on every recipe and picture you send so they stay together. Email your recipes, pictures and stuff to only this address:


Don't forget the very important guidelines here.

Do you have a cherished recipe from your RHS days (or now) that you'd like to share? Could it be that special one friends and family can't wait to dive in to? Is it unique or unique to Hawaii?