Remember when...

Share a long-ago photo you found hidden in a drawer or behind a wall. It might be special - or maybe not, but it's fun to look at.

At Jan and Dwayne Nasu's town house back in the early '70s. They often gathered there to be in a "safe space" as they lived out their somewhat wild days.

    Shared by Veda Shimizu.

Left to right: Sandy Nishimoto, Veda Shimizu (McKinley'69), Charlene Higa (Lelehua'69), Wendy Yim.

Dwayne and Jan Nasu's wedding. 1970's.

     Shared by Veda Shimizu.

Left to right: Sandy Kersten, Jane Ohta, Doreen Matsumoto, Lani Harrington.

All RHS'69. Christmas 1994.

    Shared by Lani Harrington.

Harold Fujii and Debbie (Martin) Christensen at the Junior-Senior prom 1968.

   Shared by Debbie Christensen.

Sandy (Nakai) Kertsen and Wes Mukawa. We have no idea what, where or when...yet.

    Shared by Lani Harrington.

Lani (Kuwana) Harrington when she was just a little thing.

    Shared by Courtney Harrington.

Donna (Wong) Miller at May Day, Pauoa Elementary in 1958.

     Shared by Donna Miller.

Donna (Wong) Miller - 1983 - the car was a gift, repainted by her brother and friends. We have no idea what it looked like before - but it's wheels to take her to nursing school.

    Shared by Donna Miller.

Nothing screams 60's like that hair. Wray Jose making some beats.

Shared by Wray Jose.

What a great find! From the late 60's through the 70's, the Calientes was one of the most popular and influential Hawaii bands. Glen Okano and Russell Shiroma are RHS'69.

Shared by Russell Shiroma.

Oh boy, another picture of Glen Okano! This is when he was with "Sounds, Inc" before he joined the Calientes. All are RHS'69.

Left to right: David Imata, Glen Okano, John Silva, Kenny Kuwata, Roy Yonaoshi.

Shared by Glen Okano.

Shared by Dayle Ho'opai.

Back to the golden years of 1956 - 1957 and the Jefferson Elementary kindergarten class of Mrs. Saiki.

Second row from the bottom - here's Dayle Ho'opai.

This is the 5th grade at Manoa School. It seems a good portion of the RHS class of '69 is in the same class.

Shared by Gerald Sekimura

Top row: Miles Kinoshita, Gilbert Yuen, Jeffrey Takiguchi, Gerald Sekimura, Gary Okamoto, Brian Taniguchi, David Hirao, John Camp, Kenneth Kuwata, Miles Tsuruoka

Middle row: Pamela Johnson, Cynthia Chun, Janie De Neeve.

Bottom row: Heidi Yuen, Joyce Nakasone, Sharlene Hamada, Joanne Higa, Jo Ann Okimura, Sidney Loomis, Iris Kurashige, Mrs. Mukai (teacher)