55th Reunion

Another Reunion?

Didn't we just have one?

No, that was almost 5 years ago.

It seems sooner because

it was so great.

Let's do it again...

  The RHS'69 55th Reunion. Why not?

   We've all changed a bit. Look at me.

     In many cases your classmates are the friends you've had the

      longest and in some cases maybe the dearest. If you came

      to the 50th reunion then you know what a great evening it

     was with reconnections, sharing memories and hanging


  Let's do it again!

The reunion committee is working on putting it together a year

in advance. We have a date (Save it)

We have a location (it's coming)

  We have a cost (also coming soon)

   There's a lot coming but we wanted to get to you early to save

the date. 69'ers always have full social calendars.

Check back often as this is the place to get the latest.

Vincent Yim, RHS'69

Reunion Committee Chair