The Always Late RHS'69

Christmas party

Monday, January 20, 2020

So, here we are.

Another Christmas has passed and once again the RHS'69 Reunion Committee has its Christmas party late. About three weeks late.

Everyone is just too busy with reunion holiday things to squeeze in something just for us. It seems like we have never been able to have a christmas party in December.

That means we're busy cooking up stuff for RHS'69 alumni - and that's a good thing.

We started off with a quick business meeting and then...food. Of course.

Everybody pot-lucked and we could have fed an army. We ate it all anyway.

Last year we had the snowman contest and the ugliest Christmas sweater contest.

This year we branched out with the Christmas hat contest. You had to be there.

Just trying to get everyone focused and sitting for the group picture was hilarious.

Keeping with tradition, we held the party in Dwayne and Jan Nasu's garage. Check out their decorations.

Yup, that's Dwane.

There was some spontaneous hula, a lot of laughs and we wrapped up the night (early morning) with karaoke and some audience participation.

Another great year for the RHS Class of '69 ends with another great evening.

You really should join the committee.

This one was no different than the past. A great time to relax, blow off some steam and feel good about everything we accomplished in the past 12 months.

2019 had a lot with the 50th Reunion, 3-days of pre-reunion events, the massive Karaoke Night, a 7-day cruise from Vancouver to Los Angeles and a lot of other things.

Check the blogs for last year.

The popperazzi were there in  droves.

The last three months are really busy for the RHS'69 Reunion Committee. There's a lot of planned events happening for alumni, Thanksgiving and the family, Christmas shopping and New Year's planning.

Almost without fail they're too busy for a Christmas get together. So - hold it in January.

Committee Treasurer Lani Harrington invites you along.


Lani Harrington

Bobby Imoto


Lani Harrington