The Inuit - A Christmas Story

RHS'69 alumni and resident scribe Nora Taylor takes a break from Halloween stories to share a Christmas story of Santa, an owl, a bear and a little girl.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Just as Rudolph turned back to Santa and winked his eye, Inky and Camryn were hoisted up onto the sleigh's seat next to Santa and out into the starry night they went. The Owls wings flapping, the bear cub snuggled up under Santa's Red coat with only his little red nose to be seen.    

It was to be a cold winter this year but the season started off rather late as Camryn could hear her Grandmother's old Christmas music playing in the kitchen down stairs. "Oh the weather outside is frightful but the fire is so delightful and since we have no where to go, let it snow.."

She took a deep breath of delicious aromas floating through the old house as her eyes began to slowly close for her afternoon nap.

She would later remember opening her eyes in a land of ice and snow as she could see for miles while she flapped her large wide white wings. There, in the distance she landed near a melting glacier where numerous ice cold streams headed for the great Arctic Ocean and it was here in a small pool of water she saw her reflection of a large white spotted Owl.

Camryn was on a mission this time of year for unlike most birds that go south for the winter, this Owl spent her time way, way, up north because she was very welcomed to a red and white candy stripped perch in the house of the one and only Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus. The North Owl would spend several months in the world of magic, Elf toy makers and sway to the music of Christmas and bells. Here food was delightful and plenty and Santa made sure she was filled with goodies.

"Wow, little guy are you okay, you must have hit hard you have a red bump on your head and your nose is red too, my name is Elf Hugo, are you lost?"

"No, I'm a brave Polar Bear and we never ever get lost. I'm just sorta on an adventure and you may call me "Inky the Brave".  

The Elf just chuckled at him. "Well Inky the Brave you just come on with me and all will be well".

Just then Inky realized he was really lost as a tear fell from his eyes thinking me may never see his Mama again. Hugo picked up the little bear and took him into the magical realm of Santa Claus.

Inky was given goody after goody and when Santa saw him, he put him right up on his warm lap and he asked him the magic question: "What would you like Santa to make you for Christmas."

Inky gave a little smile not knowing if this great big man would understand him. Santa told Inky, in his language, I speak and understand every creature on this great earth of ours.

Inky said softly to Santa, "What is the great earth?"

Santa smiled and said  "Well, well, well little Inky until it's time to take you home to your Mama, here at Santa's home, you are going to learn a lot.

Suddenly as Inky looked up, there on a high perch was the white Owl, Camryn who flapped her wings at him.

"Oh my, are you fur-ball my owl has talked about?", said Santa. Well, as we are so busy this time of year, I think I'll trust you to the company of my Owl of the North for a tour before we return you safely home, if that's okay with you", said Santa. Inky was placed in a soft, warm, floating fur chair where Camryn rode the handle-bars behind him and off they went.

When Inky went through the great doors that led to where the Reindeers lived, there in a great big stall was a beautiful reindeer with a bright red nose. His name was Rudolph but his good friends called him "Red".  He smiled at Inky, and said to him "Hi there little guy, I see you've got one too, in-fact you have two"

That night, Santa's sleigh was loaded with toys for boys and girls all over the world and his Reindeers were ready and excited to pull Santa's great Christmas Sleigh as the sleigh bells began to jingle; then from behind the great red, green and golden doors came a loud, cheerful a "HO HO HO!" as Santa's belly and large red gloved hands pushed through the great double doors.  All the Elves cheered as he lifted the thick reined straps as all heard him exclaim "Away Dasher, Dancer,Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blixen!"

In admiring herself she suddenly jumped at the sound of a low growl, a Polar Bear's growl. Camryn hopped backward as she watched the great bear sniff the air as it crossed the stream stopping momentarily to ensure her little cub was keeping up to her slow pace as the snow began to fall.

The polar cub was called Inuit, but his Mama called him "Inky" as he sneezed several times at the great white owl.

"Hey there, what are you", said Inky.

"Not what are you, but who are you!?", said Camryn.  

"I am the great white Owl of the North, I think, and you may call me Camryn. Now you had better stop being so nosy before you get lost, see there, your Mama is waiting for you just ahead."  

Inky hurried along, all while he kept looking back at the Owl.

Now, Inky failed to follow the advice of the Owl to keep up as he kept looking for the funny looking Owl and within the hour, he no longer could see his Mama; he could not see her large footprints that were now filled with fresh snow as the wind blew harder and the snow thicker. He could not find her scent anywhere and as he began to walk backwards, he fell and rolled down a steep hill like a snowball until he hit his head hard against a big, tall pole; all red and white that sparkled at the top.

His head had made a big "Bonk" sound as his eyes blurred. When his eyes finally cleared he saw a little creature with pointed ears not quite like his but something he had never-ever seen before.  It was an Elf who wore all green with red shoes that curled up at the tip that also hung a bell or two.

Ink's eyes got bigger and wider each and every time he saw all the fun toys being made, especially a red ball that he so wanted to chase, and as he drank bowl after bowl of warm cocoa sprinkled with cinnamon, nutmeg, chocolate shavings and gobs of whipped cream, his tummy got bigger and bigger as did his smile. He was amazed at the way the Elves created old and new toys just as Santa had taught them, and how they all so loved Santa and Mrs. Claus. This made him think of his Mama and how she taught him all the right things to do, but he knew he should have paid attention instead of his losing his way.

Inky scratched his head and the lump reminded him of its throb and he could see that his nose was red too!

Red said to him "I guess we'll be taking you home soon but always remember that once you have visited Santa's home, you will always be welcome here, always."  

Inky's eyes sparkled with joy and he clapped his paws together. Camryn told the little polar bear cub that each year she would come to his home and if his Mama allowed it, she would travel with him back to Santa's North Pole home. Inky giggled with such glee.

First stop was at the Polar Bears deep cave where his Mama was found pacing the entrance as Santa calmed her and returned little Inky. He left several gifts for them before calling into the night "Merry Christmas" and Inky waved until the sleigh was just a speck and then a flash of light in the night.

Second stop, was the home of little Camryn and her older brother Tyler. The Owl nodded its head at Santa as she saw her window being opened by her brother Tyler as more snow began to fall.       

Camryn suddenly sat up in bed as she heard in the distance a faint "Ho ho Ho". She looked all around, she could hear her brother snoring in the next room as she tipped down the stairs towards the fireplace. There next to the tree were signs of melting snow with large boot prints and presents for each member of her family from Santa. Camryn ran back upstairs to her bed and there upon her pillow was a single large white owl's feather, that until this very day she keeps hidden in her crystal jewelry box with all her secret things.

Mele Kalikimaka Oukou and May God Bless you all as you celebrate the Birthday of Christ our Savior.