What a year it's been

What a year it has been.

Reunion committee chair Vincent Yim takes a look back, and ahead.

Tuesday, December 26, 2016

It was a also sad year for our reunion committee, losing Guy Blackiston. He has been on our committee for over 20 years and participated in almost every event.

Then Dwayne Nasu sold his Acme Body and Paint Shop and was getting ready to exit at the end of this year. Then at the beginning of November a huge tumor was found in his brain. Three weeks later the surgery and recovery has been very successful. This week, I stopped by Acme and visited Dwayne and Jan. Their shop and office were empty and they were getting ready to hand over the keys to the new owners. A 62-year shop comes to a successful end. After 9 years we are without a Reunion Clubhouse. I will miss the shop and our clubhouse. We will resume our monthly meeting in February at a new location...stand by for...where?

Happy Holidays to all!

A year has come and about to end and what a year it has been.

Thank you to Andrew Nomura from Kaimuki '69 for calling me a year ago and said we should celebration our 65th birthday in 2016! We combined Kalani, McKinley, Kaimuki and Roosevelt Class of '69 and did not have just one or two even three events, we organized 4 events.

We had 56 golfers at Hawaii Kai Golf Course and everyone won a prize. Happy Holidays to all!


Then Harold Fujii and Robin Yafuso chaired the Karaoke at HPC.

They almost sold out with over 65 classmates, singing their hearts out!

Still young at heart, the next night we had a birthday party at Manoa Grand Ballroom for 308. Thank you Joann Chikuma, Kalani '69 also Chris Imoto, MHS '69, wife to Bobby Imoto Kalani '69, for chairing this huge undertaking. We ended the evening with disco dancing, provided by Tapestry, Doug and Lisa Oshiro.

We ended the year in November with 78 Classmates off to Las Vegas and enjoyed 5 days of events. Breakfast together, Bowling, Karaoke all night in our hospitality suite, celebrated our birthday party banquet and the last evening we saw the Michael Jackson show.

We all came home winners.

All 4 events went off without a hitch and net out more than $4,400 combined. The moneys were prorated and given to each school's reunion committee.

Our Reunion Committee has grown over the years. We have been getting together regularly for over 30 years. I remember when there were only 8 classmates trying to put together our first reunion. Brian Taniguchi is the oldest, correction, the longest standing committee classmate and still attends our monthly meetings. Today officially, there are 34 classmates that come regularly. This includes Kalani and McKinley '69. They have been a wonderful shoot in the arm with an increase in activities each year. I know everyone looks forward to our monthly meeting, for the good food by Wes Mukawa and Beverly Lum and laughter. I am so blessed that everyone still comes out to listen to my comedy act. I have been trying to charge $19.99 cover charge, but have not been successful collecting. They have not booed me off the front of the class. So I'll keep trying!

I hope all of you are stepping back to reflect on what we have done to make our world a better place. Spend some time with family and friends and give a big hug to someone. Share the Love!

Happy Holidays to ALL of you.

2017 is waiting for us to make it another year to remember!

Arthur and Josie Akana are organizing the KSSK Posseís Interisland Cruise on March 18 to 25

Chris and Bobby Imoto are finalizing the Japan, Hokkaido tour for October.

Contact us or keep an are on our website for more information.

Wishing ALL a Prosperous 2017.

Family and Friends are for the heart...classmates are for the Soul.

Thank you Committee for all the years of friendship! Special thanks to Lani Harrington. She is the one behind the scenes that keeps the accounting straight, scheduling the meetings and corrects my agendas.