Alaska Cruise

Sunday, June 12, 2022

There's an old saying...give 'em an inch and they'll take a mile.

Prime example are RHS'69 alumni.

Example - someone yells "cruise!" and they're packing their bags.

This time it's Alaska. As Reunion Committee chair Vincent Yim says, at least it's the warm time of the year.

But then, there's the mosquitoes...

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it's our first full day on the ship and we're at sea headed for the far North.

Checking the list of what we can do while at sea.

Yup, all covered.

Always thank people when they do good work.

Ship staff Ryan and Brett were most helpful in giving us info for activities to do while on the ship.

We're grateful for all their help.

Plus Dayle said they thought we were in our 50’s...

Check back often as more comes from our RHS'69 alumni.

Notice the rapt attention. The studying of what's before them.

Only one thing, besides slot machines, gets that reaction is food.

The subject is a cooking class on how to make a spicy tuna nachos bowl.

We are starting to drool.

What a busy morning!

After watching the cooking class some rushed off to sit in a Health Seminar titled "Increase Your Metabolism".

Others went somewhere and took a nap.

Nutrition seminar was followed up by a Shopping presentation in the Bliss Theater.

Now if you are in the market for or want to buy some diamonds, authentic Alaskan nick-knacks, bamboo sheets or even a mattress this was the presentation for you!

I was dozing off at this point. I only went to see if I could win a door prize.

Then off we went to lunch at the Garden Cafe. Needed to eat light and take a short nap because it's Teppanyaki for dinner.

The presentation was given by a very fit nutritionist (had zero body fat) who educated us on the need for a healthy lifestyle balance of Exercise, Nutrition and of all things Detox.

Needless to say most of us had thoughts of how really healthy we could be if we only decided to come up with a personal plan to do these 3 things and to stay with it. Fat chance!

Doing all three at the same time and giving us on all the nutrition "no, no" on this trip.

One of the tips to Detox balance was an intake of more stuff like an algae product (you can tell I wasn't taking notes) for fat burning. Calvin noted after the presentation that we should all commit to eating more spam musubi with lots of nori.


Teppanyaki is good, fun and you don't have to wash dishes afterwards.

All around a winner.

Time for bed.