Carol King is...

Monday, April 25, 2022

For many the name Carol King rings a bell. She's a singer. But there's more to her. She is also one of the most prolific songwriters of the 60's through 90's.

She is regarded as one of the most significant and influential musicians of all time.

Want some numbers?

With her former husband Gerry Goffin she has written or co-written over 400 songs that have been recorded by more than 1,000 artists. And of those 400 songs, 118 were on the Billboard Hot 100.

When there's so much to enjoy and know about someone you just got to go to the musical. The road cast for "Carol King - Beautiful" was passing through town recently and RHS'69 had to be there, so they were.

30 people showed up for the musical. Since RHS'69 travels on its stomach, the first stop was the Side Street Inn for a pre-show snack. Just something light.

Waddling over the Blaisdell Concert Hall, most people were not in their seats but hobnobbing in the lobby - mask's optional.

Find the 7-foot man in one of these 4 pictures.

Here's a bit of what the show is about.

RHS'69 Reunion Committee is beginning to gear up as COVID-19 appears under control, so keep checking the website for upcoming events. All depending on what eventually happens with the pandemic. It's not a bad idea to wear mask indoors, especially if it's crowded.


Mostly Bobby Imoto

Kalani '69

Here's a radio station "sampler" sent out to promote music.

This is some of the biggest hits by Carol King and Gerry Coffin. Impressed?