How I spent my Summer

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Donna Miller is in to cars?

Who would have thought?

And grandkids too.

Finally on our return back to Sacramento we met up with Randy and Janie Chang and celebrated July 4th together.

At that is how I spent part of my summer.

In June, we went to meet our first granddaughter. Kwai-Lin McLeod-Miller was born  on December 12, 2014 in Haida Gwaii, BC.

It used to be called the Queen Charlotte Isle. This little island is North of Vancouver and South of Alaska and getting there was an adventure requiring commercial airline then catching a ferry to Masset then driving to Haida Gwaii.

Getting back to our base in Sacramento took 20 hrs. While going was effortless, returning to the US was painful & exhausting.

In mid-June we drove cross-country from Sacramento to Tulsa.

The fun part was it along portions of Route 66 as we headed to the 41st Mid-America Ford and Shelby Nationals. This is an annual Ford Perfornance event to look at new products from Shelby American, Ford Motor Company and other sponsors. Ford enthusiast from all over the US drove or trailer their cars to Tulsa for the 5 day event.

There were meetings at the race track (Hallett Motor Racing Circuit) and drag strip (Tulsa Raceway Park). Also parades, cruises and public car shows.

We own the 2013 Black with white stripes Shelby Mustang GT500 with Hawaii plates.

It concluded with a banquet where Ford presents past & present personalities as well as updates of the future. There were about 350 cars from SVT Cobras to Shelby Cobras, Fairlanes, Galaxies, Cougars, Panteras, Tigers and Mustangs. All types of Ford powered cars were there.