Halloween Karaoke

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

RHS69's are known for their love of a good party. If there's one around somewhere, they'll be there. So, they combined their love of karaoke and Halloween to ring in all Hallows' Eve.

The rules were simple - the costume had to cost nothing. Just whatever they could find lying around.

The results were ... spotty.

Like all things, it starts off empty except for the two ladies hitting the booze early.

The winners of the no-cost, make-something-up costume contest.

RHS'69 spares no expense. Please note the live karaoke band on the left.

Captain Harold and the cereal box lady.

You might think this is a duet. You'd be wrong.

This is not real. Do not call the police.

Feel free to call the police on this one.

Photos: Bobby Imoto, Lani Harrington

Compositing & graphics: Courtney Harrington