Aloha to our Captain

In his 28-years he has commanded the Dash-7, DC-9, B-717, B767 and Airbus A330. He was also with the Hawaii Air National Guard, helping keep Hawaii's sky's safe.

We are overjoyed we can now spend more time with him.

Fair weather and tail winds to one of our best friends.

The RHS Class of '69 is reaching that age where people are retiring and moving on to other things - such as shopping, traveling and family.

The latest member to take the plunge is Harold Fujii. Harold is one of the founding members of the RHS Class of '69 Reunion Committee and beloved by all. Harold once flew from LA to Honolulu to attend a surprise birthday party for a committee member and then flew back right afterwards.

Harold made it official on Friday, May 15th and celebrated his 28 years with Hawaiian Airlines, retiring as a Captain flying the long-haul trips to Japan and the mainland. RHS alumni always looked forward to getting on one of Harold's flights as they knew they were in great hands.

A lot of friends dropped by the Kamaka Air Cargo hanger at the airport to join in the fun. Kamaka parked some planes at the front entrance that were older than Harold.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

I had a wonderful last flight and thank you party.

The flight was so memorable because it was a 5-day JFK and I got to bring the entire family - all ten of them!

We had a grand time seeing two Broadway plays (Aladdin and Beautiful), the 911 Memorial and museum, the Intrepid aircraft carrier and space museum - with the space shuttle - and two days of bus tours and sightseeing.

What made it extra special was the water cannon salute at the airport. New York is one of the last cities to allow its fire trucks to salute any "fini" flights. It was a chicken skin moment I will never forget.

My retirement paina was more like a thank you party. Kamaka Aviation went all out - clearing the entire hanger and positioning their airplanes at the front like a museum display. It also supplied the tables, chairs and more than enough food and drinks for everyone.

What made it so priceless was to be able to share this moment with everyone that

means so much to me: family,

friends, classmates, mentors and

colleagues. My deepest thanks

and love to everyone.

Mahalo nui loa and malama pono.

Harold Fujii

RHS Class of '69