A Search for Family Roots

U.S. State Department travel advisory: Exercise increased caution in Hong Kong due to civil unrest.

Since June 2019, large and small political demonstrations have taken place in various areas of the city. Some have resulted in violent confrontations between protesters and police.

Ignoring all that, RHS'69 Reunion Committee chair Vincent Yim visited Hong Kong to see and learn about the part of his family he never met.

Back home he removes his flak vest and tells of a wonderous trip.

Kowloon, L’ Hotel Nina and Convention Center.

We arrived after 10:30 pm and checked into our hotel after midnight.  The next morning, we opened the curtain and saw the view across the harbor.  No, it is not Hong Kong island, it’s Tsing Yi Island.

Across the street is a kid’s park and the 4-story build on the right is the subway station. In the back street is the local farmers market and two shopping centers.

Photo of the Kwoks.  Peter the oldest on the left and David on the right.  Both are retired and each involved in aeronautics for almost 35 plus years.

Both are genius. Can’t talk about it. Top Secret.

Photo of the Yims, three out of the 4 sisters made the trip.  Yvonne, on the left, is the oldest, Velina, second from the left is no. 4, My Wendy is next Carleen, on the right is no. 2 and her husband next to her.

Yolanda did not make the trip.

February 1, 2020