How I Spent my Lockdown

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Staying home is fun...for the first couple of weeks. Then we had to start looking for things to do.

Home schooled 5-year old granddaughter Kwai-Lin and 13-year old cousin Natasha. We tried to follow the school schedule & subjects.

Chores were under the subject: Homemaking. We had lots of those classes with cooking and sewing lessons.

Hubby Brian and I bundle up and go for an occasional ride to make sure the world is still there.

During the covid quarantine days, one of my favorite activities was feeding the yardbirds.  I’d been feeding them at sunrise with my morning coffee for several years, but I added a regular afternoon feeding to the regimen.

Over time it became so tame, that it would feed right out of my hand.

And yes, I also stayed busy cutting a very big lawn.


Sitting at home.

The beach calls...

Restaurants beckon...

Shopping is an urge...

Need to get out.

Nope. For three months we were lockdowned in Hawaii because of the pandemic.

It was worth it because we are safest state in the nation.

So what did we do? A selected few from RHS'69 tells us how they kept busy.

And there was one very big in-home project that involved a lot of people. We sewed masks for hospitals and other medical facilities in need.

RHS'69, with some friends from Kalani'69 and Mckinley'69 produced almost 500 masks in just a few days.

If fact some folks are still making masks for friends and family.

While many of the restrictions have recently been dropped, it depends on you still wearing masks while outside your home, practicing social distancing and washing your hands, a lot.

Not being responsible is going to cause the infection rates to go up and we all can find outselves locked down again with stores and restaurants closed...again.

It's simple: do it right now or be forced to do it right again later.

Protect yourself and those around you. It's the Hawaii way.

During the day, I would still be sewing masks.  After I sewed for the hospital donations, I started sewing for my friends and family.

One night we were talking about Netflix and what everyone was watching and asking for recommendations on what to watch.  Someone suggested Crash Landing on You, a Korean K-drama.  Never ever watched K-drama before, so why not?  It was so good, I watched it twice!  That got me started and I'm hooked!  Sometimes I would stay up until the wee hours in the morning watching.  I’m now on my 4th show.

Almost every night, there were group texts going back and forth between about 20 people.

And there's always a nap...