It happens every year about this time, a couple months late.  Usually because everyone is too busy. This time it was COVID-19 hanging around for what seems like forever.

But once again the RHS'69 Reunion Committee managed to pull together a nice Christmas get together at the Nuuanu Natsunoya, a tranquil, old-fashioned tea house.

And it was only three months after Santa went home.

A homecoming….that’s what it was…a real heart-warming homecoming.  This group is family and I’m glad we can get together more often now.

Bev Lum

It was great - great entertainment, great food, and great company!  Can't wait for the next one!

Hugs, Brad & Jo Chikuma 

It was great to gather again and I look forward to many more get togethers!

Ross and Dayle Ho'opai

It was great to catch up on the latest.

In Hawaii, the first thing to go are the shoes.

It was wonderful being able to gather again, eat and laugh together. Kind of a toss-up between stuffing my face or chatting with everyone.

So I did both.

JoAnn Oshima

The perfect setting for the RHS ‘69 socially starved crowd. As we greeted each other with initial hesitancy, our greetings quickly transformed into an all out, who can hug the hardest competition.  

Rhonda Nishimura

A great time was had by all and everyone is already looking forward

to the next one...

Three months late.

The annual Really Late Christmas Party

Monday, April 11, 2022