Mr. Fit-It gets to Work


For almost 40 years I have been admiring a painting hanging at Hy’s Steakhouse, booth-table 1.

The original hangs at the national museum in Russia.

So I bought and framed the same painting.

Now I can have a home cooked steak and admire this 1676 Cossack battle settlement.

Since there was no one in the office, I installed new sink cabinets in both the men’s and ladies restrooms.

I was thinking of marking the doors so people don't get them mixed up.

Nah. Let them guess...

Started to pull out old photos and street artist paintings of places we went around the world.

Took the best-of-the-best, framed them and hung them on the hallway wall.

Welcome to my World Wall...

My anchor tenant closed their office for three months. I went in to find a slow leak in the men’s restroom.

Reseated the toilet three times...nope. It was the sink drain inside the wall, old and corroded. After removing the rust and cleaning the area, got it fixed.

Bought a 75-inch TV and subscribed to Netflix and YouTube.

Started to watch every night till 2:00 am a Netflix series that takes a week to complete the episodes.

That’s when I started to get my back problem. Also sitting in front of the computer all day did not help.

When the pandemic lockdown happened, doing nothing around the house was not acceptable. The first month, most started to do what had to be done. After the first month, it was look for what else should be done.

Going into the third month, it was find reasons to get out and do something else. Here’s some stuff Reunion Committee chair Vincent Yim got done to make the lockdown time productive.

Yeah, he put everyone to shame.

Been going to restaurants that allows seating for dinner. All were less than half full, just 50-percent allowed tables.

Everyone is still very cautious about coming out. The Summer of 2020 will be the known as “The Time The World Stood Still”.

Words of Wisdom….get off your okole and do something. When doing nothing, your body will start to act like a 69-year old!

Saturday, July 18, 2020

To the basement...

Cleaned out my 18 storage lockers.

Dumped a third of the stuff.

Most people only dream of cleaning their garage.

I did it!

Gathered my stuff, climbed under the sink and replaced one of four tankless water heaters.

Vinegar flushed the other three. I am supposed to do it every two years.

            I haven't.


It is high noon and there is no traffic going into Waikiki on Kalakaua. The last time I saw it so empty was 9/11.

In some ways this was like the old days and in others, it's a bit scary.

From the bottom to the top!

You have to clean the evaporator grills on the air conditioning or thing's stop getting cold after awhile.

lIf you look hard you can see Punchbowl, Papakolea and RHS.

On the 28th floor, it was windy and no railing.

Straight drop down 300-feet.

I survived...