Merry Christmas 2020

Christmas. A very different one from times past.

A difficult time for many, whether  it be economic or being alone.

But as RHS'69 Reunion Committee chair Vincent Yim reminds us, there is still much to embrace. and it willl get better.

Monday, December 21, 2020

Life is beautiful, it would not be if it was easy. 

All of us at RHS'69 wish you peace, love, good will and all the other blessings that this time of year can bring.

Merry Christmas and I know we all look forward to a wonderful 2021!

In 9 months the human race came to the realization that we are not the superior species on this planet.  A tiny little virus stopped us in our tracks.  Could not go anywhere, see anyone, stopped us from gathering with friends. 

I tuned into my Smart TV to channel 830 and flooded the house with Oldies but Goodies music.

For 3 months I dug into 50 years of all my old photos.  Memories came flooding back of things and place we did with Family and Friends.  I selected photos of all the places we visited throughout the world. Framed them and hung them on our hallway wall.  I call it our World Wall, 118 framed photos.

At the beginning, when you enter, are three large framed photos of our 30th, 40th, and last year’s 50th Class Reunion.  So happy to say that at each 10 year reunion,  attendance increased.  Every day I make it a point to check out a few photos to bring back fond memories. 

Yes, there is a Christmas. Circumstances beyound our control do not dampen what the season brings if we are open to it. As difficult as it is for some today, Christmas is the time to reflect on this past year and give thanks. It is also time to share the joy of the season with those around us any way we can. Christmas can be magic and may it enchant you with feelings of hope ahead and wonder of the good now. Remember, things will change for the better and we must look forward to that and do whatever we can to make sure it happens.

Be creative and find a way to be thankful for what we have and what we can give.  Yes, it's sad we do not have hugs and kisses, but we have Zoom and text.  I read them all, and like my hallway, it brings a smile to my face. 

It is family and friends that makes life worth living!  Everyday I thank you for being a friend. 

I know all of us look forward to being together again next year. It's been too long and friends need each other.

It will happen.