Cleaning up in Vegas

Friday, September 25, 2015

About 40+ combined alumni are in Vegas for Vegas Bash 2015.

Sandy Nishimoto set out to prove you can win playing the slots.

She was successful.

RHS'69 committee chair Vincent Yim calls the action.

Sandy Nishimoto was playing the triple poker slot and won!

She broke into her emergency secret purse compartment and pulled out an old, discolored $20 bill and nervously inserted it into the 10 cent machine.

I watched her skillfully build it up to $50 and told her to cash out. She ignored me.

Then she hit a full house with a 8 X bonus of 2500 points.

By now she pulled out Ipo Cullen's jade Dragon Dog lucky charm and told me not to leave! She did not want to change the aura around her.

Then the machine went cold and she lost 700 points, 10 cent per point. Then it got hot again.

Out of nowhere she hit 4 of a kind 4s with a 10 X bonus, 3500 points. She had 7900 points in her bank. By now I was telling to take the money and Run!

Her comment, "I came her to gamble!" and to sit down (I was standing in back of her), I said no - I did not want to change her karma!

Just as I said that Sandy hit 4 Aces with a 12 X bonus...4,000 point jackpot. 11,875 points is now in her bank.

Luckily her husband Alan is bigger than me, I would have pushed her off the stool and hit the cash out button! She did come to her senses and realized she only invested $20.00.  

We agreed that she will cash out if she hits 12,000 or quit no lower than 10,000. The gods heard us and about 4 hands later, Sandy hits a Full House with a 2 X bonus of 350 point  and her total in her bank came to 12,000 points, valued at $1,200.00.  

That was the sign...Sandy hit the Cash Out with the look that the excitement was over and now what to do with her fortune!

A great way to start Vegas Bash 2015.