Steph's Most Yummy Adventure

Sunday, June 28, 2015

San Francisco - the city by the bay...

Several weeks ago, I spent about 5 days in San Francisco.  Having been there several times, we don't sightsee much anymore, we just EAT and SHOP!

Steph Miwa goes shopping in San Francisco and you get to go along.

We always check out the Daiso stores (there's 2, one in Seramonte and one in Japan town). Brings back fond memories of our '69 tomodachi tour in March/April. A LOT of the stuff is made in China, but that doesn't stop me - I always manage to find something to buy.

We didn't forget the Trader Joe's - I'm hooked on the mandarin oranges and the chocolate chip cookies.

Checked out a couple of new places to eat at, but they aren't that easy to get to without a car.

Andy's Restaurant (Chinese) is on 121 Hickey Blvd., South San Francisco (near the Costco (El Camino Real). They have an E-Fu Wonton soup which is like an egg drop soup with crispy won ton floating in it. Very tasty.

Check out the Roli Roti Gourmet Rotisserie sandwiches at the Ferry Building near Embarcadero - so yummy.

There are some ice cream places and bakeries that we didn't get to try.  

Ice cream

Bi-rite creamery

Mr. And Mrs. Miscellaneous



Mr. Holmes bakehouse (need to go early for cruffins)

Tartine bakery

Craftsman and wolves

And that's what I did in San Francisco.

We went to San Tung Chinese Restaurant at 1031 Irving St. My cousin raves about the fried chicken there, so I was already drooling before we got there and they were CLOSED!!!  On vacation.

Of course no visit is complete without a stop at the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie factory on Ross St. (Between Jackson/Washington and Grant/Stockton.)

We thought we would end our Chinatown tour with an amazing custard tart (similar to the Lord Stow's one in Japan) from Golden Gate Bakery on Grant Avenue (between Jackson and Pacific). I will have to go back on my next trip as they were closed for vacation too!