RHS'69 Vegas Bashes are becoming so famous that alumni from different years are joining in.

Meet Teresa Iwashita, RHS Class of '70.

She tagged along and ended up in a tradional Ethiopian home for dinner.

Teresa's Spices

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Ethiopia in Las Vegas?

As the fellow travelers of this trip may know, Kathy and I planned our Las Vegas trip with little expectation that our shopping purchases would turn out to be rather voluminous.

We started out thinking we didn't have much shopping to do and really, we had nothing on our 'list".  

What happened?

One store we both wanted to check out was Sheffield Spices for Ethiopian spice mixes  -- most are hailed as miracle elements to long healthy lives - turmeric, garlic, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, flax seed oil, cloves and on and on.  

It was this quest that led to our invitation from Zion to visit with her charming Ethiopian household on one of their Holy Day celebrations featuring Ethiopian food and the traditional coffee ceremony.

Zion and her friend are wearing the traditional dresses worn on this particular Holy Day which celebrates the finding of the true cross that Jesus was crucified on.  Kathy and I are in Nike garb.  Zion (our host) and her family have been in Las Vegas for about 9 years.

One (of two) colorful taxi drivers we met told us that there are about 100 thousand Ethiopians living in Las Vegas.

It was truly a wonderful sharing of both our cultures and Kathy and I feel we not only visited Las Vegas, but Ethiopia and Croatia (but that is another story).

Ethiopian Food at Abyssinia Restaurant across the Street from Orleans.