Tomodachi Tour IV - 2019

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Events added daily through  Monday, March 11th

The 14-day Tomodachi Japan tour begins with the flight from Honolulu to Kansai Airport, near Osaka. The group loses one day crossing the International Date Line so watches get moved 19 hours ahead. They get it back when they return.

Tomadachi IV - the fourth tour to Japan is two weeks in length. We have three reporters covering the trip: Lani Harrington, Vincent Yim (RHS'69) and Bobby Imoto (Kalani'69).

This is a "rolling blog" so each day's events are posted as they come in. Check back often for the latest.

Day One becomes Day Two as the plane flies over (or through, or across, or whatever) the International Date Line. What was today is now tomorrow. It reverses when they return...today will become yesterday.

Japan is 19 hours ahead of Hawaii and that's only the beginning of the space-time continuum confusion. Everyone has no idea what the date is, but the plane lands, they go find the hotel, settle in and explore the nearby area.

About as ready as you can be.

Waiting at the airport for the flight to start the 2019 Tomodachi Tour.

Lynn Sekiya sewed these group banners so no one will get lost. The BCT is for Bobby Chinen Tours. BASU is for the bus.

And they didn't forget the Daiso Store banner because everyone loves that place.

Wayne (RHS'69) and Joy Maeda. They live on Maui. No Ka Oi!

Finally on the plane. Leg room is not a problem in 1st Class.

Hanging out at the Hawaiian Air Premiere Club.

Yes, some people are special.

Airplane food

Japanese kine food        --  Choose one  --         Hawaii kine food

Taking that long, slow walk to check-in and the always joyous security lines.

One of several waves of Tomodachi tour members at Kansai airport after clearing customs.

Some came in two days ago and more are expected over the rest of today.

Checking the restroom sink on the airplane.

Two nozzles. one for soap on the left and one for rinsing on the right.

On the sink rim is the hand dryer.


After checking into the hotel - it's the first meal in Japan. Ramen, of course.


Bullet trains and Ding-Ding trolleys

Photos/video by:

Bobby Imoto Kalani'69

Lani Harrington RHS'69

Cheryl Osumi RHS'69

Vincent/Wendy Yim RHS'69