Walk. Eat. Walk.

Eat. Walk...

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Thanks to Robert for organizing our group. We can't wait til next year and hope more people will join us!

By the way - the walk raised $440,000!

It was a beautiful day. The kind that makes visitor's happy and glad they came here.

Yup, just another day in Hawaii...

...and we're hungry.

It was also the kind of day that had seven of us from RHS'69, Kalani'69, and McKinley'69 participating in the Visitor Industry Charity Walk on Saturday, May 20th.

It's a 5.25 mile stroll from Ala Moana beach park through Waikiki and back.

It was so much fun with the different hotels offering us food and drinks along the way but we skipped the breakfast to get a head start ahead of the massive crowd (thanks Sandy for that suggestion). But since the idea of the walk, besides raising money for charity, is to eat your way to the end we grabbed our first treat, a granola bar was courtesy of Ala Moana hotel.

Next station was a delicious chocolate chip cookie from Double Tree Alana. The Kahala Hilton provided us with a mini spam musubi and water.

Next stop at International Marketplace offered us a cream filled bite size waffle and a hand sanitizer.

Thanks to Robert Imoto (Kalani'69) we did a pit stop at Princess Kaiolani in clean restrooms before moving on to the Marriott for some refreshing watermelon slices and water. Bobby does this every year. This picture is from 2014.

Half way there !!

This was the turning point to head back to Ala Moana. Enroute we scarfed on fried rice, lemonade, acai cups, plantation ice tea, a water squirter, Honolulu cookies, a water drenched towel (which was from my hotel, Outrigger), grapes, a chocolate something-or-other, taro roll filled with pulled pork & Kim chee.

We're getting really full and we're starting to waddle.

We also took another detour in the Moana hotel to see Robert's office. Talk about being in security. You would have never found him!

All along the way there were volunteers cheering us on and especially as we reached the finish line...we got our last stamp and ticket for our lunch: toss salad, a choice of fruit, hot dog, chili, mac/cheese, a turnover or energy bar.

Needing a nap we sat under the tent enjoying music and each other's company. There were door prizes which we all were eagerly looking at our tickets only to discover we didn't put in our entries. Senior moments.

Sandy took all our stubs and put it in the box and gave our tickets to her boss who was staying until the end. Needless to say one of our tickets won her one of the grand prizes...a 2-night stay ocean front king room with daily breakfast at 4 seasons Ko Olina and 2 adult snorkel. Sandy says "She's always lucky!!"

The only thing better than exercise (for a good cause) is eating.

Some members of the Combined Class of '69 managed to do both at once.

Dayle Hoopai (RHS'69) explains.

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