A unique part of the combined Class of '69 Vegas Bash is Walk the Strip.

Bobby Imoto, KHS'69, takes us through the "Game".

Walking the Strip

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Mahalo to all who participated.  We know that it strengthened our unique bond as members of the Class of '69 and provided you with enough heat and exercise to enjoy all the food and drinks on our schedule.  What can we expect next time?

Blow Your Mind in '69,

Bobby, KHS

One of the activities of our recent Class of '69 Las Vegas Bash was the infamous "Walk the Strip Hunt".  

Expanded from the basic scavenger hunt format that started a few years back, this challenge required four-person teams to complete as many as possible of the 69 listed tasks within a 15-hour period that extended from our Icebreaker Breakfast on Thursday morning to our banquet on Friday afternoon.

Six teams, representing the three reunion schools (Roosevelt, McKinley, and Kalani), braved the 108+ degree heat on the Strip in their quest for the cash prizes and coveted bragging rights.

In keeping with the scavenger hunt tradition, many of the tasks required acquiring items from different locations along the Strip and nearby locations.  But the Class of '69, being pioneers in the world-changing transition into the computer world, displayed their expertise in this field through their electronic picture submissions of many of the tasks.  (They sent pictures via their cellphones)

The task list was comprised of obtaining logo items and pictures of team members at different locations along the Strip.

Considering the sweltering heat, the time constraints, and our age, we never expected any team to actually complete all 69 items on the list.

But in true competitive spirit and their never ending quest for excitement, two teams went head-to-head and addressed every task.  In fact, they were quick to point out discrepancies on the list.

The creativity in composing humorous pictures at specific locations was a critical factor in determining the winning team because of the extra points awarded for the "best" entry.  Although one team would argue that the loss of their cellphone containing many of their hard earned pictures would have reversed the outcome.

At the end, Team 1, made up of Dayle Hoopai (RHS), Joanne Chikuma (KHS), Ann Suen (KHS), and Keith Kurahashi (MHS) were victorious with 137 points.

Team 3, comprised of Alan Nishimoto (RHS), Sandy Nishimoto (KHS), Vince Yim (RHS), and Wendy Yim (MPI-representing MHS), combined for 123 points for second place, even with their cellphone loss.

Third place went to Team 6, with members Robert Ishihara, Haru Hiu, Roberta Lim, and Bart Martinez (All RHS) with 83 points.

Elton Kodama, Harold Fujii, Nellis Kunieda, and Lisa Chang (All RHS) of Team 2 compiled 52 points for fourth place.

In fifth place, with16 points, was Russ Shiroma (RHS), Teresa Iwashita (RHS), Kathy Anzai (KHS) and Gordon Choy (KHS) of Team 4.

And Team 5, with members Bobby Comeau (MHS), Mark Luna (RHS), Gary Tamanaha (MHS), and Myra Tamanaha (MHS) started off strong on Thursday morning but reported that they were lured back into the world of air conditioning, gambling ambience, and free drinks.  We suspect that they went for a secret practice session at the bowling alley.

A picture of one team member at a "Caution - Cross Traffic Does Not Stop" sign.  (Only Team 3 found the sign at the Valet entrance to The Orleans Casino)

A ticket stub from Century Orleans Movie Theaters.

While other teams asked the theater staff for a stub, Vince opted to go through the rubbish.  That picture would have been priceless.

Here's a fake one.

A picture of one team member with a person (not from our travel group) fronting Gilley's, showing the shaka sign.

A humorous picture of two team members fronting the Venetian.  The best picture will be awarded 5 extra points.  (Keith and Dayle from Team 1 presented their own version of a "V" for Venetian.)

Here are a few of the more challenging tasks from the list:

A picture of two team members at the base of the Eiffel Tower displaying a message relating to the Class of '69.

A picture of a team member with a slot cash voucher for $69 from any Strip casino.

(Team 3 started with $70 and had a difficult time trying to lose $1.  They kept winning.)

A picture of a team member with Elvis.

A picture to two team members at a wedding chapel on the Strip.  The best picture will be awarded 5 additional points.  (Team 1's entry with Keith and Dayle truly captured the moment.)