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Here we are - locked up again.

Some people broke the rules and we all gotta pay.

What to do...

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Friday, August 14, 2020

Doing anything right now?

Sitting around like most of us remembering when you could run wild and free, hugging and kissing and doing wonderful things?

Yeah, kinda boring isn't it?

But we bet you have spent some time remembering ...and missing ...some really good, fun, surprising and interesting things that happened when the locks were off.

How about sharing some? Brighten up everyone else's day.

Most of the RHS'69 folks that wrote a blog had never done one before. We asked them to give it a try.

They loved it!

The RHS'69 web staff will hold your hand each step of the way and make sure you look great.

Got an idea? We'll help you flesh it out and write like an established author. We're great editors and won't let you down, promise.

Did you go somewhere different or interesting when you could?

Had great fun doing something a bit nutty?

Make things in your spare time?

There is so much to share.

We'll take a complete story, a bullet list, start with a photo or two-paragraph thought and make magic with you. We just need that and some pictures to go with it and then you sit back and wait for some of our 600,000 visitors a year to enjoy it.

The only requirement is you be a RHS'69 alum.

We're hanging at RHS'69 central waiting to hear from you.

Click here to send us an email with your idea and we're off and running.