When does retirement start?

Thursday, July 3, 2014

How many times have you asked a recently retired person, “How are

you enjoying your retirement?”

Their answer would be, “I am more busy now than when I was working!”.

Well it is true and EZ to take on more than you should. I have taken on

the chairmanship of the golf committee, at the club, became the president

of an association and the past year I am on a strategic planning committee.

During the day I have been fixing a friend’s home and the waiting list is

getting longer.

Retirement is hard work!

Stay with your full time job…it’s easier.

I am looking forward to going on our Alaska cruise on July 12th. Harold Fujii, Russell Shiroma, Jean Zahn, Ipo Cullen, Alan Nishimoto, Donna Miller, spouses and friends are all going too! Thank you Harold for the push and Sandy Nishimoto (Alan’s better half) for organizing all the daily excursions and dinner reservations.

We are set to go and I can hardly wait to have fresh Salmon and King Crab.

The committee is finalizing everything for our 45th Class Reunion on August 16. Next week I meet with the Manoa Grand Ballroom to set the dinner menu.

Dayle Hoopai has secured the photographer. At 6:30 pm we will take a reunion group photo and make them available that night for purchase.  

Dayle, Nellis Kunieda and  Joann Oda Oshima has the registration duties. Nellis Kunieda (doing double duty), Sylvian Cho, Lisa Chang will do the decorations and memorabilia. Lani and Courtney Harrington will have a name badge for everyone..so sign up early and not wait till the last minute.  You don’t want your name badge hand written!

We are finalizing to have the band White Light play oldies music for us. We are looking for donations in merchandise or cash.  We will take anything.

As of last week we have almost 100 coming to our 45th reunion and we’re projecting to have over 160 plus.  

Please sign up now!  We are all looking forward to seeing you again.  No shame, we all have aged gracefully.

Go Rough Riders!