The combined '69 alumni have returned from Vegas Bash 2015.

A successful time was had by all. "Successful" is usually defined as "no jail time".

RHS'69 Reunion Committee chair Vincent Yim gives a quick wrap up .

Hi Rough Riders:

We are all back and safe from our  2015 Las Vegas Reunion Bash.  On the last day, Sunday, some gave me their thoughts and suggestions.  They all said..."are we going to do it again next year? "

The Events...

We passed out the name badges and pocket tri-fold schedule.  Produced by Lani (RHS) and Courtney Harrington (Webmaster).

Then Bobby Imoto (KHS) handed out the Walk The Strip scavenger hunt list. There were 6 teams that had 2 days to find 69 items up and down The Strip.  The hunt took some to places they would not have gone and now we can say "I  saw ALL of the Las Vegas Strip."

The next day, Friday, Keith Kurahashi (MHS) organized the Crazy Bowling, at the Orleans 75 lanes Bowling alley. There were 8 teams, and no, Harold Fujii (RHS) did not end up in the gutter, like the last time! Surprisingly bowling has always been the most fun event of all.

That night, Wesley Mukawa (RHS), secured a private area in the Prime Rib Loft for dinner. The salad, baked potato, prime rib and a double chocolate cake all for $26.

After dinner we gave out the awards and Wes opened our hospitality suite...all you want beer, wine, soda and bottle water. Great job Wes! Keith (MHS) brought his Karaoke machine and we all sang till 2:00 am. We must have sounded good...the hotel did not shut us down, no one complained!

At 10:00 am Saturday, we had 3 cars going to anywhere the group wanted to shop. Premium Mall South and North, the new Red Rock Downtown Mall and of course Trader Joes were on the must go list.

That night Ipo Cullen bought 29 tickets to the Boyz II Men Concert at the Mirage. I got Bell Trans to pick us up and return everyone, all for $65.00.

Everyone loves the Boyz. As always Ipo knows what shows to go!  

At the Orleans, the restaurant to go to is Big Al's Oyster Bar. They are known for their clam chowder. Come to think of it - everything on the menu is excellent and huge portions. Wendy Yim (MPI) had the oysters and Alan Nishimoto (RHS) and I had the seafood cioppino, in a huge bowl. Half way thru our cioppino Alan said it all, "The deeper you go the more it pulls you in."

Big Al's a must go!

Sandy Nishimoto (KHS/RHS) organized anyone that wanted to try some local dining favorites. Thursday night twenty of us went to Hikari, eat all you want sushi for $27.95. For anyone that did not want to overeat, there were tempenyaki. I had the steak and shrimp.

Sunday night 18 of us went to Studio B at M Resort for their $39.99 buffet. They gave us a private room. Crab and more prime ribs were on everyone's plate. They even have oxtail and sushi!

Their desserts were impressive and a must try, no matter how full we all were. Worth the 20 minute trip.  

Wrapping up Vegas Bash 2015

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Eats...

Wesley Mukawa (RHS) was so involved with the hospitality suite and all the other activities that he did not have any time to gamble. But on the last two days we all had free time and he spent most of it on the crap table. He and Gorden Choy (KHS) made out good. They scored with a little old lady that had an unreal run and made back their loses and made a couple thou... oops, can't say because IRS may be reading this!

The Gambling...

Sandy Nishimoto (KHS/RHS) was a winner with $1,200 on the poker slot but she came home with $700...still enough to cover most of her expenses. I know she is trying to find an excuse to go back to Vegas!

Click here to relive her story of breaking the bank.

Even Alan Nishimoto (RHS) made a few hundred.

No one lost big and most said they credit Ipo Cullen's (RHS) "Dragon Dog Lucky Charm". She gave everyone one on the first day. Trust me everyone carried it all 5 days. I am sure some will carry it when they are back at home!

I am golfing today and I will have it in my pocket! Timing and luck matters in our everyday life.

Use it whenever you can.

When visiting Vegas on our own, most of us would head straight to the tables or favorite slots. When time to eat, head straight to the discount buffet.

Getting involved with one of our Las Vegas Reunion Bashes is an adventure, meeting new old friends, seeing ALL of Las Vegas, broaden your culinary taste and get the VIP treatment like a Whale.

Next year...not a bad Idea???

The End...