Helping RHS

Our 45th RHS Class of 69 Reunion was a huge success.  

The highlight of the evening was presenting our 1969

Plus Zero Pledge to Roosevelt High Principal, Jeanette

Uyeda, a check for $25,000.  

For the last 5 years there were 67 of you that gave a

small pledge, every August. We also held Summer's

End dance fundraising and it netted over $7,000.  

Thank you to all of you for meeting our 5 year goal and

then some.

Arthur Akana

Roger Alama

Bobbie Jean Au

Guy Blackiston

Joyce (Kunimoto) Byerly

Lisa (AuYoung) Chang

Sylvian Cho-Moody

Marcus Chun

Laverne Ipo (Yam) Cullen

Laverne (Rodrigues) Flores

Harold Fujii

Lani (Kuwana) Harrington

Haru (Catherine) Hiu-Arian

Clifford Hong

Dayle (Fujii) Hoopai

James Kahalehoe

Lester Kimura

Barbara Kobayashi

Drucilla (Kuwata) Koide

Gary Kono

Nellis (Miyashiro) Kunieda

Steven Lum

Wayne Maeda

Crescentia (Shea) Maxwell

Donna (Young) Miller

Merrill Miyasaki

Norma (Willingham) Molina

Leonard Morales

Wesley Mukawa

Clyde Namuo

Dwayne Nasu

Alan Nishimoto

Rhonda Nishimura

Glenn Nohara

Jo Ann (Oda) Oshima

Cheryl (Miwa) Osumi

Roseana (Duenas) Palmer

Deborah (Kaleikini) Parker

Lisa (Lee) Reed

Gerald Sekimura

Lynn (Kusumoto) Shoji

John Takara

Glenn Takeda

Brian Taniguchi

Nora (Clark) Taylor

Karen (Morisato) Teruya

Kathryn (Takahashi) Teruya

Shelton Teruya

Robin Yafuso

Randolph Yanagawa

Vincent Yim

Glenn Yokoyama

Candace (Look) Young

Zane Zablan

Let's not stop there! The RHS Class of '69 rolls into the 2019 Pledge. Our goal is to beat the recent $25,000 gift to  Roosevelt High School.  

We want to present the check at our 50th RHS Class of 69 Reunion.  Please sign up and make a pledge.  As small or as large as you want to, from $25 to a bazillion...or more each year!  Each August for the next 5 years, we'll send you a reminder to make your pledge.  And you can adjust your donation amount, up or down, at any time.  

Together, let's make a difference and leave our mark, The Class of 1969, to our old alumni and give another gift for our 50th Reunion!

Click the picture to open the form.

Then select the correct button to print or save then print it.

Fill out, attach a check and drop it in the mail.