So Many Jobs Done So Well

RHS'69 grad Dayle Ho'opai is a dynamo.

She's a retired teacher...and now she's working four jobs. The lady likes to keep busy.

One of her part-time jobs is working the Bell Desk at the Outrigger Reef Resort in Waikiki.

Now, you would think someone who has retired from a long career and is working four keep-busy jobs would be pacing themselves. Dayle knows only one pace - 100 percent.

The end result is visitor's that love her, an appreciative employer and the Bell and Valet Person of the Year award.

Last year a hotel visitor and his girlfriend were riding rented mopeds when they were involved in a serious accident. The woman was taken to the hospital's Intensive Care Unit. Dayle made sure their luggage was safely secured and exchanged personal information with the man and stayed in close contact to see what she could do to assist. On her days off she visited them and brought food. When he was discharged, Dayle stayed in contact to offer any help they might need.

By the way, both are now fine and are engaged.

A month later a lady lost her wedding ring. $30,000 worth of wedding ring.

The woman called from the airport to say it disappeared somewhere between the hotel and the plane.

A search of the room turned up nothing and Dayle started checking all the taxi cabs to find the one that took her to the airport. She found the cab and the driver found the ring.

Since the woman's plane had already taken off Dayle left a message for her...  

Here's a just a few examples of giving your best...

Dayle works like this everyday and these examples are nothing "special". It's simply how she is.

The Outrigger Hotel management must agree and nominated her for the award, which is a big deal in the hotel business.

Dayle (Fujii) Ho'opai is just one of the great, caring '69 grads of RHS. She's also a cherished member of your RHS'69 Reunion Committee.

We couldn't be luckier.

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Monday, January 27, 2020