The Better Late than Never RHS'69 Christmas Party

Tuesday, January 15, 2019


Bobby Imoto


Courtney/Lani Harrington


Once a year, the RHS'69

Reunion Committee throws a slam-bang Christmas Party...a month late.

Everyone is too busy in

December so the party

happens sometime in


Dayle Hoopai and Bev

Lum grabbed their reporter pencils and fill us in on the doings.

What a better way to start the year than with a PARTY!

The Class Reunion Committee - almost all of them - celebrated Christmas 2018 at the Nasu's beautiful home in beautiful Kaneohe. Dwayne and Jan Nasu turned their garage into party central with a make-shift house covered with red, gold, and silver wrapping paper. It was awesome, not to mention he covered the toilet with red and gold foil wrapping as well.  We know Jan didn't do that...her decorations would be the ones you would see in magazines, so elegant.                                                       

We wish the rest of our classmates a very Happy New Year filled with love, joy, good health and laughter.

See you all at our 50th reunion in August.

And did we have great games. We created real-life snowmen, complete with corncob pipes and eyes made out of

         coal. We had 5 teams working

            together with our models using

             toilet paper, construction paper,

               tape and scissors. All 5

                              snowmen were

                               winners! Check the

                              video below.

What is a Christmas Party without an Ugly Sweater contest?

Geesh, there were some real beasts there. A very creative Leanne (John) Takara took first place... that is.... her sweater did. John just wore it.

Did we mention this was a potluck? One of the things that our group is known for is our LOVE of FOOD! There were 3 tables full of delectable, beautiful, aromatic food. We have some world class chefs in our group. We all ate as much as we could but there were still leftovers.

You'll get a sample of it in our upcoming RHS cookbook. Want to know more? Click here.

Next we played a grab bag game passing our gifts either left or right while listening to a Christmas story. We sure are getting old as "some people" did not follow directions or was it because they are getting hard of hearing? Some of the gifts were very different. A gift card in a slime bucket, silver bars and wine to name a few. I think Harold Fujii wanted that wine. We laughed until the end and as you can see in the pictures we had happy classmates!

There was a *short* official meeting to do some business. Check the calendar on our website for opportunities to get some exercise by going to upcoming dances.

And it's not too late to join us on the upcoming West Coast cruise headed by Josie and Art in late September.  Our ever popular annual karaoke get together is just around the corner headed by Harold and Robin.  Watch out for more updates. Keep checking the website.

These parties always seem to end with Karaoke. People have "loosened up" up enough by then to go for it and not care. Thanks to Keith (MHS '69) bringing his karaoke machine and setting it up for us. We had a good time enjoying each other's singing and ended our night at midnight with the singing of our Alma Mater.

Let's get a walk through of the snowman contest.