Oh, have we been busy - Part Two

There's little doubt the RHS'69 reunion committee is one of the busiest alumni organizations in Hawaii and maybe much of the mainland.

There's almost always something going on and RHS'69 alumni like to do it together.

Reunion committee chair Vincent Yim takes a look back at a jam packed schedule for 2018.

     We did not list the 7 dances

  organized by Joann Chikuma (KHS

'69), our Disco Queen or the recent

Las Vegas get-away headed by Sandy

  Nishimoto, Alan's better half.

     And when was the last time you

   walked Waikiki?  Thanks to Bobby

Imoto (KHS'69) he got a couple of us to participate in the Waikiki Charity Walk or

should I say it was more a feast.  

One of the year's highlights was when 86

of us went to the Bruno Mars concert and

  we all sat together on the VIP areas,

   reserve parking, private restroom,

      buffet and bar.

    Thanks to Harold Fujii for hustling

  11 classmates to volunteer for the

Salvation Army Thanksgiving Dinner, a wonderful time to give.

Remember the April night we all were

  fighting for the mic at the three-peat

    Karaoke Night put together by Robin

       Yafuso and Harold.

       Then the Beach House Luau

  where 60 plus of us showed up and

Arthur Akana and his group entertained,

and Bev Lum and Wes Mukawa prepared

the fabulous luaus.

  We even had professional singing

lessons from Craig Shimizu, Veda's

  (WHS'69) husband or the surprise

    ballroom dance class by Debbie


   Yes, it is that time of year to reflect

  on the past few months to cherish the

fond memories. Now is not the time to

sit back and get fat. There are places to go, things to do and meet new friends.

    Time is only good when you use it to

       the max! Merry Christmas and

          may you have a healthy and

               Happy New Year.

     Sad to say we lost a dear friend

  from Manoa, Reggie Oka (St. Louis

69). It is when we lose a friend that

we look back at all the great times we

had...life, so short that we need to make

the most of what is left. Our childhood

  friends are intrenched into our past,

    good memories and rascal times

      too...those were the days.

It's that time for all to look back at this year.

Yes, we all said "Where has the year gone?"  Did we spend quality time with our family, friends and classmates?  The Reunion  Committee is blessed to have one or more events every month for this year. Take a look at our major events for each month.