Oh, have we been busy - Part One

The RHS'69 blogs are the most popular feature of this website.

Class members share their adventures or play reporter for RHS'69 events.

Webmaster Courtney Harrington pulls together a look at the blogs that were.






                         The event of the

                         year had to be the

                      missile alert for Hawaii.

                   RHS'69 alumni joined over

           a million people wondering,

          "What the heck is going on?"

          Some told their story of that day.

          But the month ended on a high

           note with the committee's

              annual "better late than never"

                   Christmas party.



















It's been a busy 2018 in the blog-o-sphere with

'69 alumni sharing their thoughts and adventures either by themself or as a part of a RHS'69 event.

A look back on some of the blogs for this year that made this portion of the website the most popular.

About a half-million visitors dropped by to see

what was happening.

             Caregiving can be

           both joyful and

        heartbreaking. Gayle

   Nakama shares her personal


   Also, Steph Miwa discusses

    the mystery of how to prepare

     for a trip to Japan.

       There's lots to learn here

          in both stories.

                It might be difficult to

              believe but the State

             Legislature has culture. Or

         at least it did for a few days.

         Sandy Nishimoto and some '69

         alumni cruised the art on display.

        Then there was a luau in Hawaii

         Kai. So many alumni showed

          up it overflowed the Mariner's

             cove clubhouse. Good times.


            This can be the

        highlight of some people's

        year. Eat all you want

     because you're exercising at

the same time. The annual Visitor

Industry Charity Walk is a big deal

and a load of fun.

  Eating your way from one end of

   Waikiki to the other and back to

      support worthy causes.

        How great is that?

           Wow! Seriously, wow!

          Hawaii boy Bruno Mars,

           home for a concert. The

           demand for tickets was so

           huge a second and then a

           third show was added.

       The reunion committee threw

together a package deal and a ton

  of people showed up. Check the

  videos and comments and see

    what the yelling and

       screaming was about.

           Medicare is a big

          deal to 69'ers and we

        turned our attention to

  some major Medicare scams

going down.

Many had to do with the new

cards coming out.

  Forewarned is forearmed.

         This was a month of

         rest. In other words,

       everyone was too busy or

lazy to submit a blog. Summer can get that way with trips and the beach and stuff like that.

That's why we live in Hawaii.

              Hawaii's secret

              shame. A WWII


               internment camp on the

                Ewa plain where thousands

of people lived behind barbed wire.

The Combined Class of '69 had an

opportunity for a special tour of

   what's left of the camp. The

     pictures are worth seeing.

          The first blog of 2018

          came from reunion

          committee chair Vincent

      Yim looking to the year ahead.

As usual it was packed with things

to do and places to go. The annual

karaoke was set, dances to attend,

  the announcement of a RHS'69

    cookbook, a family picnic/luau,

      a bunch of other stuff and

          a tease about a trip.

                What did RHS'69

                do in September?

                Actually a bunch of

stuff but nobody had time to write a blog about it. So we'll just say we

established a colony on Mars,

negotiated world peace and found

  a cure for every ailment known.

    It was a productive month.

              Ah, Christmas. Santa

             and his reindeer,

             presents under the tree

  and not a mouse is stirring.

For the grownups, parties,

shopping, bills and general stress.

  Christmas is special for other

  reasons and some RHS'69 alumni

     shared why it is for them.

        It's nice read.

              Autumn is

               arriving on the

             mainland and that

            means the leaves are

          starting to change color.

        Let's hop a ship and spend a

couple of weeks watching it

happen. Then finish up in New

York City for a dash of craziness.

  Reunion Committee chair Vincent

    Yim and his lovely Wendy did

     just that. NYC stuff is the best.