Rubbing the Crystal Ball

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

RHS'69 Reunion Committee chair Vincent Yim looks ahead to plans for this new year.

He also drops some words of wisdom.

You'll have to read the blog to get them.

Looking ahead to the new year the RHS'69 Reunion Committee plans to continue to participate in as many dances as our legs can shake a leg to the beat. The first is being organized by the RHS Class of '70, March 17th at the St. Louis Alumni.

We grabbed a table for 10.

Then committee members Harold Fujii and Robin Yafuso are finalizing a three-peat four-multi-school Karaoke  in April. This combined class of '69 event will be announced on our website very soon. Last year we sold out within two weeks so start planning now and sign up ASAP when the announcement appears. I'll see if I can convince the Karaoke committee to move out the pupu tables and make room for a dance floor for the second half of the evening. You sing - we dance!

Donna Young Miller is heading a sub-committee of eight that's compiling classmate's favorite recipes. Yup, it's the RHS Class of '69 cookbook. This will take a minimum of a year plus to complete and hopefully have it ready by our 50th Reunion set for August 24, 2019. We're looking for recipe contributions so check the website for that announcement...soon.

As for the 50th Anniversary RHS reunion, mark your calendar for August 24, 2019. Classmates from all over the country will be coming as this is the BIG one. Once again - the website will have the latest information on this and all RHS'69 events as they become available. The RHS calendar is always a good thing to check on a regular basis.

Keeping it coming, Bev Lum and Wes Mukawa are getting more info in securing a large pavilion in Koko Head area to have a family picnic.

And you can count on Bobby Imoto (MHS'69) to get a bunch of us to participate again in the Annual Charity Walk Thru Waikiki in May. Eight went last year and really enjoyed eating their way thru Waikiki because of all those food booths along the way. I think we will double the count next time. Join us! It's a ton of fun, a ton of food to eat, a ton of healthy low impact exercise. And you are supporting a great cause.

Sorry, no word (yet) on plans to go to a far, far away land. There are 39 of us wanting to go back to Japan. Yes, that might happen. Stay tuned.

Also being discussed is a 7-day cruise...somewhere as yet unidentified. We want an inexpensive one for less than $1,500.  Stand-by.

I think I have given you more than a peek. and I leave you with some words of wisdom:

The more we to do with friends, the shorter the year becomes. The more time you have to sit, the more time will steal from you. Get up, get out, join us!

Things pop up all the time for us to do so remember the RHS'69 website is your best source for up-to-date information on events and happenings. Check it out often as it's updated constantly, sometimes daily.

In a few days we will have our year end Christmas meeting at the Nasu residence.

Why so late in January?

Everyone was so busy during December that wasn't possible to get everyone together. The good news is Dwayne and Jan Nasu are leaving their Christmas decorations up till we show up.

It will be a celebration of a fun filled 2017.