2019 Karaoke Night

One might think the microphone lady is not happy in her work.

One would be wrong as she loves it more than anything but doesn't want anyone to know because they might try and take it from her.

An extremely rare photograph of a wife smiling at her husband.

It happens but once a year - the Combined Class of 69 annual Karaoke Night. It's gotten so poplular they had to find a new pace to hold it.

More than a hundred folks from RHS, Kaimuki, Kalani and McKinley showed up for dinner and some singing, mostly to the oldies.

We're going to tell you right up front...the lighting for the video stinks. Different venue, different lighting, different videographer. Enjoy it with your ears. We're salvaged it as best we can.

A special guest author for this blog.

Mr. Microphone was in the thick of things for the annual Karaoke Night and has this report.

Next up on the calendar: the 50th reunion. It's been a long time and it might be the last time to see your classmates.

Go here and check it out and download the sign up form.

We really hope you can make it.

No one had the heart to tell them they weren't singing into a microphne.