Alaska Cruise

Saturday, June 11, 2022

There's an old saying...give 'em an inch and they'll take a mile.

Prime example are RHS'69 alumni.

Example - someone yells "cruise!" and they're packing their bags.

This time it's Alaska. As Reunion Committee chair Vincent Yim says, at least it's the warm time of the year.

But then, there's the mosquitoes...


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Day one and a busy one.

Grab the bags, get a ride to the airport, sit with your knees under your chin for  5+ hours, land very early in the morning in Seattle, limp off the plane, find bathroom, find baggage, find food.

Baggage in one hand, COVID tests results in the other and head to Seattle's Pier 66 where our ship awaits.

Boarding can be...interesting.

Sometimes it goes fast and sometimes it doesn't.

Usually the second one.

There's always someone who's first to get somewhere. These guys left Honolulu Thursday night and did the tourist thing at the Space Needle Friday.

Saturday's the big rush into town for the rest and it'll all begin...

The early arrivals at the top of the Space Needle.

And to the right is the Chihuly Glass and Garden Museum.

No idea what that yellow thing is but it looks like it could hurt.

Below is the ship early Thursday evening.

When you have several thousand people and their baggage to get on board, there has to be a system.

Like this: Put them in a very big room and process a bunch at a time to another room to check paperwork. Then there's another line to actually board the ship.

But like all things, it'll end, you're at your cabin and the good times begin to roll.

Here's 2 more groups hanging out for their Seattle flights and an early morning arrival.

When you're early for boarding, you wait.

They're about 90-minutes too early so it's eat some more, wait for others.

And wait.

The obligatory 1st picture from on the ship.

Look at these two pictures closely. Not because they're FaceBook style of "Hey, see my food", but because they have different people.

The Manhattan Restaurant... dinner time.

These ladies got thank you gifts.

From the left: Josie for doing the reservations, Dana for baseball tickets for this "Get Me Off this Rock Alaska and Seattle Tour", Sandy for events and Dayle for (I forget...) probably being wonderful, funny, hard-working and cute.