You're not getting older - you're

getting faster

RHS '69 alum Donna Miller is married to a hero.

1) He's a former Marine and 2) He decided at 65 to get himself in better shape. In five years he's gone from zero to 2017 National Champion of the USATF Master's Decathlon.

The proud wife takes it from here.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Sometimes it's a beautiful morning. The kind where you feel glad to be alive.

Sometimes it's a dark and lousy morning. Rain falls in sheets and the wind howls through the trees and streets.

It makes no difference.

Dawn and whatever it promised was always minutes away as a solitary figure rose from his bed, slowly dressed and let himself out.

It was time to run.

Too many people have the idea that getting older means sitting on the couch, puttering in the garden and driving the spouse crazy.

And that happens a lot.

Then there are those seniors that continue to take life head-on, full blast.

After 20-years in the Marine Corps my husband Bryan always stayed fit with basketball and an occasional jog, but now it was something more. Five years ago he joined the Hawaii Masters Track Club looking for better conditioning and the new challenges of learning new track skills.

Recently, at the age of 70, he set a goal of entering the Master's track meet in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania.

To qualify took a lot of work. Bryan participated in the local track and field meets sanctioned by USATF held at the UH. Both the competition and social atmosphere of the HMTC has always been a great support for Bryan's continued participation.

Many of the participants train almost daily and some have coaches and trainers.

Not Bryan.

Some are former Olympians and world record holders.

Not Bryan.

Some have competed all their lives as the Masters level begins at 30.

Not Bryan. He started at 65.

The eldest at this meet was 92, representing the 90's. The 80 and 75-year olds were represented too. As I spoke to the athletes & families who travel with them there is a consistent theme by the athletes: LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST (never allowing health to keep them down).

While living with an athlete's training schedule and competition can be demanding and challenging for those around them, basking in their victories is a great feeling as it's always a team win!

There's a great life lesson there.

Hard work pays off.

He won and is now the 2017 National Champion of the USATF Masters Decathlon (70-74). The competition has ten events: four running (100, 400, hurdles and 1500), long jump, high jump, pole vault, shot put, discus and javelin.

As wife my job was ultimate supporter. Our house shifted to his training schedule, which sometimes conflicted with life responsibilities, but oh well!

Who am I to complain as I'm retired too. So I cooked, cleaned and accompanied him to Philly. My role: wife, photographer and socialite enjoying the other wives, families and energy around me.

This is the second time I have accompanied Bryan to a National track meet. The last time was about four years ago. The thing that always inspires me are the people, the energy and positive optimism of "I can do it! I can and will win!"

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2018 Update: The Hawaii Master's Track Club has given Brian an award for what he did below. Look at the pictures then keep on reading to see what a great thing he accomplished.