Hitting the Airwaves

Saturday, August 13, 2016

21 members of the combined class of '69 showed up at the KSSK Perry and Price radio show on a recent Saturday morning. As Sandy Nishimoto, wife of Alan Nishimoto (RHS'69) reports...

Vincent Yim got beat up.

The idea was to get the word out to all '69 alumni about the great activities coming up in September. See here for what they are.

The Jade Dynasty Restaurant next Ala Moana Center is famous for its dim sum and the KSSK Saturday radio show.

Twenty-one members of the Combined Class of'69 from Kaimuki, Kalani, McKinley and RHS managed to get up early and took over two tables – right up front.

Host Michael W. Perry opened the show about 8:15 and went straight to their tables. RHS reunion committee chair Vincent Yim was tagged with a Sumo challenge with 900-pound Sockita Tumi.

While quite anxious to get into his mawashi – Michael W. Perry had to remind him that this was only a radio show. Yes, radio is theater of the mind.

After being smashed by Sockita Tumi , and a short shoulder rub by KSSK's Sweetie Pacarro, he was recovered enough to talk about the good times ahead.

Golf Tournament on Wednesday, September 21

Karaoke, Friday, September 23

Birthday Bash Banquet, Saturday, September 24, with a chance to win a Las Vegas trip on Vacations Hawaii

Las Vegas Birthday Bash, November 9-14 at the California Hotel & Casino.

Get the details and sign-up form here.

The other big news from Michael W. Perry was the new Bubblehead Marcus Mariota dolls are available at First Hawaiian branches.

Great fun was had by everyone, the dim sum was fantastic and Vincent survived. We hope you'll check out the events page and join us for one or most of the events.

See you there!